Book Review: The Winner´s Curse


By Tierra Welch

Winning what you want might cost you everything you love.

Kestral is the daughter of the greatest general in the Valorian empire where they enslaved the natives, the Herrani. Being the daughter in a military family, she is faced with the two options of marriage or signing up for the military. Only one problem, she can’t fight. She’s a strategist whose favorite pastime is playing Bite and Sting gambling where she cons the wealthy class out of their money. But one of these games in the marketplace leads her to the slave market where she overlooks a slave auction. Immediately she´s attracted to a slave and buys him. Soon her and her slave become close friends, even rumored to be lovers. She begins to fall for him…. Hard. Suddenly her life turns upside down when he feels the same, but in that same night, an assault led by slaves to take back the city reveal the truth of his intentions. He was meant for her to buy, to spy on the general, and memorize his schedule.

Arin is a slave, Kestral´s slave. He soon becomes her closest friend and adviser. But he has a secret…he is second in command of the revolution. Now that his plan is in motion, he puts Kestral in danger. The last thing he wants is to get her killed. He feels for her like no other, but he knows he will put both of them in danger and possibly killed if they act on their feelings. He needs to keep it a secret, but it’s getting harder and harder to hide as everyone becomes suspicious of where his loyalty lies. Will he choose to follow his heart or claim the country that once was in his grasp?   

Now with the city taken over, she is forced to betray her people, her father, and her empire. She must choose between her heart and everything she believes in. No doubt a difficult decision, but what would happen if she chose wrong? The decision she makes will surprise everyone.

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski is so good. It will have you hooked by the first page. The character development is wonderful. I absolutely love it so much. I give it five stars out of five.


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