Creative Writing

Creative Writing: Insanity = Power (pt.1)


By Eric Teeters

They told me that insanity was power, but I am beginning to think that it is more than just power; an ability that only a few hold. I used to believe that I was normal and that I wanted to love the girl. I liked that the world couldn’t tear me down, but then that news report ruined everything. It was only a few months ago when they released that people with a high insanity level were gaining new abilities and that special forces were taking more precautions.

So, here I am. Stuck in a private academy on an island stuck in the middle of nowhere with no contact with the outside world all because I am a high-risk adolescent who might be insane…t might help if I rewind a bit and tell you how I got stuck in this situation.

It might help if I rewind a bit and tell you how I got stuck in this situation.

It began three or so months ago. The morning had started out normal; I got up, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and headed off to school like the normal kid I aspired to be. I met up with Lindsey at the bus stop. She was my best friend and there was absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t tell her. I told her about my first crush and so on and so forth. She was always four inches shorter than me. She had blondish brown hair with emerald green eyes that shimmered every time she smiled.

We headed to school, and when we sat down in our homeroom, she turned to me and said, “So have you heard the news about this new academy in the middle of the ocean.”

“No” I say sighing putting my head on the desk not ready for her anecdotes that morning. But per usual, she still rambled on. As much as I say that I don’t enjoy it, I do. She kept my mornings really truly alive.

School started, and when the intercom came on, it was usually morning announcements, but this time it was a notice to all the teachers to change their T.V.’s on to channel six. As the T.V.’s were turned on, we were greeted by the channel six news castor with a breaking news alert underneath. We all tuned in to listen. The news castor told us that there was an outstanding number of psychological anomalies in the world, which all loosely translated to the world is crazy. I didn’t know why I was listening to this, so I found myself thinking, “So what the world has gone insane. It isn’t that hard hitting stuff”, Or so I thought. They also told us that with these new anomalies came a threat to the world because everyone who has seemed to go insane had also gained new powers.

I was in shock the minute they said this; this means that the crazies all have powers and there is nothing we could do about it. All the while, I was just blank spacing in an endless void. My dear ole Lindsey was just happy with ecstasy. She was jumping with joy. She thought that this was a freaking amusement park. She turned to me and excitedly started tapping me on the shoulder saying “Eric you know what this means?” I snapped to attention and followed her question up with a very solemn answer.

“Yea, this means the crazies are out of the house and are rampaging the world,” I said standing up getting ready to leave.

Now in most of these situations, most people are usually freaking out and trying to break into stores and steal stuff, but this is the weird part…I was currently the only one standing up. The four biggest guys were getting up and calmly walking towards me to sit me down. The biggest of the guys were talking to me in a very calm manner saying, “Take it easy, Eric. Just sit back down, and we can get this sorted out.”  

I had no idea what they were talking about cause I just stood up. What were they talking about? I’m not crazy. It couldn’t be possible. Well, turns out they were right, but how was I supposed to know. I honestly didn’t know until I looked down at my hands, and one was slowly forming a tiny flame. In the other, an icy mist started swirling around it.

Lindsey stood up and walked to me and grabbed my hand with the flame in it, and as I watched the flame go out, I looked up and in her eyes little lines were flying around her eyes forming that atom shape that we learn from science in grade school. She then turned calmly grasping my other hand as well, and she peacefully said,  “Eric this means that we can finally show our skills and what we can do.”  When she said that, I had no idea what to think, but I watched the guys bomb rush us. I blinked. Lindsey and I were standing still in our class where everything but us have seemed to freeze. It turned out that she had frozen time she could make it stand still without even hesitating.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Let’s get out of here. There are gonna be special forces out here any moment, looking for any students who have features of being insane.”

Lindsey how di-di-did you do that?” I say stammering from the intense power I had just witnessed from her.

None of this made sense to me. How could I be crazy? I was trying so hard to be normal just to have it blow up in my face, and now I was on the run with my best friend. There was no going back to what I had thought was my normal life.




  1. Wow!
    How ever the end left me wanting to know what happens to Eric and Lindsay are the safe or do they get caught. What dose there life have to hold in the future.


  2. Great writing! This is a perfect beginning to what could make an incredible story. I hope that you keep writing so we can find out what will happen. The idea of insanity as a strength rather than a weakness is creative and enticing. I look forward to seeing how you will develop this perspective. I’m so impressed at your ability to set up a narrative and create an enticing first chapter. Thank you for sharing your work!


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