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Should MCHS Have a Mascot?


Mascot Idea via Pinterest

By Bryan Rock

MCHS Mustangs, that is who we are, and why, in my opinion, we should have a mascot at the football games.  It would totally get the crowd pumped up. A lot of schools have mascots at the games (Noel, Anderson Elementary, Rocky), but the high school doesn’t have a mascot. The mascot would be there for every home game and or away game, and they could run that GIANT flag out during timeouts and breaks in the game. We would, of course, have a VERY peppy person in the suit. If we do have a mascot, we would have to take time to decide what it would look like a goofy horse or a really buff horse. Again, in my opinion, I think we should something buff to show that we are strong and powerful. Please take the time to give your opinion on our poll.


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