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Top 4 Creepypasta

By Jacob Stone

Before I begin this article, I want one and one thing understood…Creepypasta is  100% fake. The stories are all made up. There are no facts to any of the stories I will mention on this list, now that that’s cleared up let’s get onto the list


Image result for sonic.exe



Sonic.exe is the story of Tom. Tom’s friend sends him a disk in the mail with a note telling him to destroy the disk or “he” will catch you and that is too late for him. The disk is labeled in black marker, which says sonic.exe. He ignores his friend’s warning and plays the game anyway. It is basically the satanic version of sonic. The game starts off pretty peaceful, just like any other sonic game, but as it progresses it turns darker and darker and very morbid. If you would like to read the full story,  here is a link to a blog page with the full story in its entirety.

An Egg

This creepypasta is not really all that creepy. It’s just more mind-boggling. It describes the universe as an egg and talks about reincarnation. It’s very weird to read because it’s basically touching on the idea that we are all reincarnations of each other. You’d just have to read it.

Image result for jeff the killer origin creepypasta

Jeff The Killer

This creepypasta revolves around a serial killer named Jeff the killer. He has a solid white face and has a smile cut into his mouth. He’s also got no eyelids. This particular story is from the point of view of a boy who survived one of Jeff’s attacks.

Image result for slender man

Slender Man

If you haven’t heard of the story of Slender Man, you are in the dark as far as creepypasta goes. Slender Man is a white faceless figure that always wears a suit. He is capable of teleportation and mind control. He takes control of his victims (mostly children), and nobody ever hears or sees them again. This is the definitive story of Slender Man.


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