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Top 5 Netflix Shows You Need To See

By Mallory Carpenter

There are several shows on Netflix that have caught the interests of many. Including myself. My school year has just begun and I’ve already immersed myself into several binge-worthy series. So, I’ve decided to give a few of my suggested shows with the highest ratings, to you.

#5 Switched At Birth

Bay Kennish one day discovers in her high-school chemistry class that her blood type doesn’t match either of her parents. Official tests confirm that Bay is not their real birthchild. Fellow teen Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age, has no idea Bay even exists, but when the Kennish family meets Daphne and her mom, Regina, they realize that the girls were switched at birth. 


#4 The Walking Dead

This is absolutely no doubt one of my most loved series of all time. Sheriff Grimes wakes up to a destroyed world full of death and killers. A zombie apocalypse is upon them, taking the lives of many he knows and loves. This show is on-going, but even if you’re just joining in, you wouldn’t regret it. The story switches and has tons of surprises and excitement. It’ll definitely keep you interested. 


#3 Grey’s Anatomy 

This show follows Meredith Grey, an intern walking in the footsteps of her mother who was once renowned in her field as a surgeon. Even from the beginning, you will feel the heart-wrenching pain that comes with this show. I found myself feeling extremely emotional while watching. This is another show that is still on-going, so once you’re hooked, you’ll realize there are more episodes to come. 


#2 Dexter

Living the daily life of as a blood splatter analyst, Dexter finds himself with the urge to kill. His adoptive father, police officer Harry Morgan, notices Dexter’s “urges” from a young age and tries to help him control his secret lifestyle. With Dexter working as a forensic agent, it becomes easier to keep his double-life hidden beneath the shadows. This is a show that requires you to be a little more “care-free” when watching, considering the amount of death, blood, and sorrow this story contains. But, if you can handle it, you’ll be interested from the get-go. 


#1 Supernatural 

After a supernatural incident between their mother, two brothers face the challenges of battling good and evil. On their hunts, they encounter death, sorrow, broken hearts, the excitement as they definitely experience some of the most horrible events ever imagined. This on-going show has 12 seasons so far, looking forward to the 13th and hopefully many more. It’s an amazing series with fans across the world. I recommend this one to anyone who enjoys the supernatural. It’s definitely one of my favorites. 



  1. These are all good shows. The only concern I have is some of these shows talk about suicide or cutting depression anxiety and if you have been or are going or are thing about these things those may be an issue. Other than that I love it.


  2. I love Greys and Supernatural so much!!! I feel like some may be a bit questionable but then again I have a different opinion then others when it comes to shows.


  3. I agree that with Grey’s Anatomy it has been good but I love that in one of the seasons there is a conflict when her step sister starts work at the same hospital, then soon she meets her dad that has a liver problem and her step sister isn’t a match so she decides that she will donate one of hers to help him. But before this she never wanted anything to do with her dad or her sister.


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