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Elder Scrolls Online Review


By Cameron Patton

Before we get on with the review,  I will be rating the featured game’s gameplay, story, functionality, captivity, and then I will add up the average and that will be my overall rating of the game.

Elder Scrolls: Online (ESO) is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. ESO is based in the Elder Scrolls timeline, around 800 years before the events of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Your story begins by being sacrificed to the Daedric prince of domination, Molag Bal. Having stolen your soul, it is your job to battle through his hordes of lesser Daedra to get your soul back, all while foiling his plans to merge the overworld with his plane of Oblivion, Coldharbor.


Gameplay starts out slow at first as you complete quests and level up (the usual MMO procedure), but as you advance to the max level of 50, a new mechanic unlocks called champion points. Champion points, or CP, is used to increase passive stats. You gain CP by gaining experience and leveling up, the same as what you do before level 50, but you gain passive bonuses to boot.

The overall main story of ESO is pretty mundane and forgettable, except for the final mission. I won’t spoil it, but it was the most memorable part of ESO’s story. You start in the Wailing Prison of Coldharbor. There are many side stories that are told across the land of Tamriel as you take on quests to save cities and civilizations from devastation.


As for functionality, I haven’t noticed many bugs with ESO, at least not ones that are user-created. It’s a fairly stable game that holds few bugs and runs pretty well, even on old computers. There are many add-ons that can be downloaded to make your experience easier, as well as adding a bit more functionality to the game

Finally, The game itself has kept me well entertained for over 3,000 hours. There are many other things to do other than quests, like PvP and dungeons/trials that test your mettle and often times leave you bloody and broken in the dust.

Gameplay: 8/10                                                                                                                             Story: 7/10
Functionality: 8/10
Captivity: 6/10
Overall: 7/10


  1. I really like how you have described the basic game-play of Elder Scrolls online. I myself have personally played this game and the story line is very intriguing. If you have ever thought about playing this game but haven’t you should its amazing. You can also get it for ps4 that’s how i play it.


  2. Thank you for you review. I played this when it first came out and it was prtty bad. There was so many glitches that it got to the point of unplayable. I haven’t played it since, but this review makes me want to give it a second shot. Well if i could ever afford the game lol.


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