Terrible Halloween Costumes

By Michael Mann

Halloween, one of the most joyous holidays for kids,  is a time where you can show how much you like someone/something by dressing up as them for one day a year (without looking like a total weirdo) and get rewarded with candy. You mostly come across really good looking costumes, but sometimes you may come across a horrible costume, which makes you wonder why someone would allow their kids to dress like that, this article will be showcasing my picks for the worst costumes of all time, in no particular order.

The Minion Costume

The minions are perhaps the most annoying yet loveable movie characters of all time, so of course, you’ll see a kid, maybe even an adult, dressed as one. Minions costumes usually look really good, but this is not usual…

minionsFor the low price of $26.48 you can be the kid made fun in the neighborhood for months after Halloween. I mean look at it, even the model has the, “why” look. How is this considered a costume, it looks like the kid is just advertising for the Despicable Me and Minions movies.

Road Kill


I have no words other than just why. Why would any kid want to dress as a possum with its organs hanging out with skid marks all over their body?

This is what I’m imagining the conversation to make this costume was like…           “Hmm… Halloween is coming and we need to bank on little kids wanting new costumes,” said the CEO, “what do kids like?”                                                                                         “Animals and driving,” said one of the yes-men. “So, why don’t we combine them?”         “Excellent idea, kids are stupid. Let’s create a road-kill costume.”


Ramen Noodle Costume


Yeah, this is a real costume selling for $32.87 at Walmart. This goes back to what I said about the minion costume. It’s an advertisement for a company that doesn’t even exist. Who would pay $32.87 for this? Usually, people would pay you to wear this! But as I mentioned earlier this is not usual. I said this list wasn’t in any order but this is the absolute WORST Halloween costume of all time.

There are many more horrible costumes that are inappropriate to put on this site if you want to see more just look up “horrible Halloween costumes,” and go through images, they’re plenty, trust me.  You’ll find them as soon as you search them. Seriously,  you will see what I mean. Search at your own risk.







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