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Top 4 Cheats In All PC Video Games

(warning: this article is satire)

By Michael Mann

In this list, I will showcase the best video game cheats of all time. I can assure you everyone will have the same results as each other no matter what game you try these on. Also, I suggest saving only as soon as you log onto the game and right before you log off. Some games may notice the time it took to get from one checkpoint to another and may delete your saved data if it was reached too quickly. Let’s get onto the list.

4. Ctrl + W

A majority of the games I used the cheat Ctrl + W gave me unlimited health, instakills, and increased speed. It’s like gaining a star from the Mario games. Use it wisely, because it only lasts a short period of time, around 3 minutes, and it limits to one per person. I suggest trying it on the Nameless King, in the game Dark Souls 3.

3.  Alt + Tab

In all the games I played Alt + Tab always gave me unlimited health for around 20 minutes. Note you can only use this cheat once per time you log onto the game.

2. Windows + L

Note this only works for windows computers. This cheat will give the player all the weapons and items for all the games you play, even games without weapons or items. Try this in Minecraft while in the end if you are ever low on any items, but only in the end when you’re about to kill the ender or it may crash you.hqdefault

1. Alt + F4

This works for all PCs no matter what you are playing on and what game you’re playing. It will give you unlimited health, instakills, increased speed, all the items, and it has Rick from Rick And Morty yell “Pickle Rick” every 10 seconds. I suggest only using this cheat if you have a good PC, or it may crash you.

Hope you enjoyed this cheats. Write down in the comments below if you tried any of these and what were you doing when you tried them. Another cheat that may work in a few games is the Konami Code, this is one of the most well-known cheat code in video games. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is arrow-keys up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A, and enter. Effects vary but try it in a game you like to play and tell me the results in the comments. I’m really curious.


  1. While I think that this is a great list, I would like to point out that Win+L works best in online games. It’s one of the best ways to get the edge in a really intense fight. 😛 Anyway, it would be nice to see more lists like this in the future. I found it quite entertaining. 🙂


  2. Good Job Michael I think you did really well on the cheats. Plus trying to figure which ones are used in different games and I think the Dark Souls one will help Mr.Mitchel if he ever decides to play Dark Souls 3 online. But anyway good job on the cheats Michael.


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