Bio-Shock:Infinite Game Review

(Warning Minor Spoilers)

maxresdefaultBy Eric Teeters

Bio-shock: Infinite is a first-person shooter that puts you in the role of an ex-police officer, Booker DeWitt.  Booker is sailing along the coast of Maine with his employers who are sending him to Columbia to retrieve a girl for them to wipe away a debt that he owes to them. While out at sea, they get to this lighthouse, which is the entrance to Columbia, and during the trip into Columbia, he passes out and wakes up in a church like setting. When he asks where he is, one of the members says “Your Heaven or the closes he will get to it until ‘Judgement Day’.”Welcome_ONLINE

He then gets into Columbia where he sees a statue of our founding fathers. This game has many historical references in it, and our founding fathers is just one of many. Columbia is led by a prophet of sorts named Comstock, and his followers look up to him like he is God. Not everyone is so accepting of Comstock, he has an opposing side called the Vox Populi. The Vox Populi is lead by Daisy Fitzroy who was accused of killing Lady Comstock prior to the beginning of the game.


The game has a variety of weapons and powers such as pistols, machine guns, and a hook blade. The game also has powers that you get from vigors. With each power, you might have Telekinesis, fire, lightning, or the ability to control one of the many machines in the game.


His mission is to retrieve a girl named Elizabeth who is on monument island, and she is being guarded by a giant machine called a songbird. This game has a lot to offer and if you want to know how it ends, I suggest you play it and find out.


From personal experiences from playing the game, I have enjoyed the art, the story, and the controls. The game is easy to control and doesn’t offer to the complex button layout. They offer more of an interactive landscape than some other first-person shooters. The art of this game is just simply amazing. I have played it over three times, and each time I was still amazed at how the game could still capture my attention with its balance of bright to dark colors and how the scenery changes around you. The transition from scene to scene is just smooth and beautiful. The story is what held me though it was more a steampunk utopia that I was utterly impressed with. The character development between Booker and Elizabeth is amazing, and you see real growth between their two characters.

The thing that got me the most about this game was the mix between religion and politics and the way some people view it. The game itself is about a utopia where everyone lives in peace and no one is hurt. They all share the same religion because they let religion rule them. Comstock is the so called “Prophet”, and the people of Columbia look up to him like a God. He pushes religion on them, so they will listen to him. The reason they listen to him is because he created Columbia to be so perfect. They thought that his religion must be right because only a God can create a place of peace. The Vox Populi are the enemies of this perfect world because of the accusation on their leader, and they think that the world that these people live in a is a lie and are pushing for a change. In all honesty, we let religion push us to what we believe, and you see religion a lot in politics.  This game and our own society hold a lot of aspects that are the same.


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