Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing: Insanity = Power (pt. 2)


(This is chapter 2; click here for chapter 1, )

By Eric Teeters

The world was different after all that took place, but now I am here at Pacific Coast Psych Ward Academy (P.C.P.W.A). We just refer to it as the loony school. I was caught two weeks ago, and since then, my life has been nothing but a nightmare. I’m constantly being watched without my permission, and I can’t even get rid of a headache without going through thousands of forms to get ibuprofen. They have this place locked down tighter than Fort Knox. When I say tight, I mean this place is in the middle of the freaking Pacific Ocean. They decided to place all the crazies here because they felt like if they tried to escape they would either die trying or wouldn’t make it far because it is thousands of miles from land. Now, I think that I have you all caught up I think it is time to get back to the present now.

So here I am sitting in my cell with my cellmate, Justin. He is sane. I honestly don’t even know why he is in here. He just has a stutter. Well, it is more than just a stutter. He also has an ability, which is pretty cool. He can make people repeat the same action they were previously doing. I guess that makes him a priority for the loony school. He is about my height and scrawny as all get out, but he is a pretty genuine friend. Anyways, this isn’t a story about how I am just making it through this school; I’m writing this in a journal, so when I escape, people will know my name.

The day goes on pretty normal. I have yard time right after breakfast, and that is honestly my favorite time. Although we are not allowed inside, we are allowed to use our powers outside. Only those of us with the less lethal powers can go outside. It has been a while since I’ve seen my friend Lindsey. She was taken right after I was arrested and brought here. I saw her dragged away. She was unconscious. They dragged her to the third floor where they hold the rest of the unstables. We call them the unstables because they are the ones who possess more than one power, or their power is too dangerous to be around.

Although they have to live on the third floor, they can still come downstairs and hang out with us, but I still haven’t seen Lindsey. When I got back from the yard after a very intense game of basketball, I saw one of the third-floor girls that I hang out with. Her name is Alison, and she has multiple personality disorders. What makes her unstable is she has the ability to change her form to anything and everything she can think up. It may not seem all that unstable and dangerous, but I was told that she was caught and tranquilized when she was rampaging a town as a dragon. Crazy, I know but hey, it’s what we are here for.

When I get into the rec room, she usually meets me with her personality that I personally like and that is bouncy and happy, but today, she comes up to me and says something I didn’t expect coming from her

“Lindsey says ‘hi’ and that she will be coming soon.”

I sit Ali down and look at her calmly. “How do you know Lindsey, Ali” I say with a twinge of seriousness.

“Well she is my cellmate, of course silly; I have told you this,” she says laughing.

“No…no you didn’t. You haven’t told me anything” I say getting confused.

“Oh no, are they hiding my thoughts from me again? I could have sworn I told you,” she says bringing her knees to her chest and laying her head on them.

“Look Ali, it’s fine. I’m not mad, but next time, you have important messages to tell me you need to make it a priority to tell me. Understand?”

“Okay dokie, Eric. So how are you today? You have that anger management class today, don’t you?”

Another class of anger management for me. I’m the only one in there because I have Bi-Polar issues. They think I can be set off pretty easy, but I have it all under control. the only thing that makes me angry is when they say that I need to take those classes because if I have an outburst I’ll be moved up with the third-floor unstables.

“Earth to Eric. Are you in there?” she said,  getting my attention. “Uh yeah, I do have to take another class, but I have a better idea,” I said smirking a little. “Come with me, Ali.”

I took Ali to the middle of the room to meet up with my other friends, Yee and Cameron; these two are another nice pairs of friends to have. Yee is antisocial. I’m not trying to be mean but he is. Don’t be mistaken. His powers are nothing to be messed around with. When he gets into a dangerous situation, he can make an opponent surrounded in their own loneliness or guilt, driving them insane quickly and sufficiently. Cameron, he is something of a nut. He has a strange thing for marionette dolls, but don’t let that trick you either. He has the ability to use strings that he makes from thin air. If he attaches any of those to you, he can control you in any way he sees fit.

Those two are some of my closest friends even though sometimes they don’t talk much. In here, it isn’t about who talks the most, but about who listens. If this was about who talked the most, Ali would have them beat. All jokes aside though, their powers may not seem like much, but they are obviously bad enough that it landed them on the third floor with the rest of the unstables.

I walked over to them, and they were in the middle of a game of chess. Both of them are practically geniuses, so these matches tend to last forever, and if I wanted a word with them I was going to have to interrupt them. I called out to them.

“Yee..Cameron talk to me.”

 You would think they could hear me because I am sitting next to them, but now along with Yee’s power to encase someone in their own loneliness, he can put himself and any others into a state of uninterrupted focus. Ali was getting a little annoyed by my attempts at getting their attentions, and I could tell that because she flipped the board over ending their game for them.

Cameron was the first one to snap to attention “HEY!!! what is wrong with you. I was winning.” Yee comes back after laughing. “Yeah right that you were winning. Three more moves and I would have stomped you in a hole.”

“Guys who cares? I need to get to Lindsey.” I said grabbing their attention from their contest.

Yee is the first to speak “Lindsey? Who is that?”

Cameron laughed. “Now, who is the smart one? She is the new girl on the third floor, but what do you want with her.”

“She is my best friend,” I said seeing the shock in their face.

“Oh and you wanna see her. We would love to help, Eric, but you know first floors aren’t allowed up there.” Ali says looking at me sympathetically.

“I know Ali, but you’re not gonna sneak me in. I’m gonna get forcibly moved up there, you understand? But first, I need Justin to help. He is moving with me.”


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