Fake News Police

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By Jacob Stone

STOP RIGHT THERE!!! This is the fake new police, and I’m here to prevent the spread of the dastardly, disgusting creation called fake news. It can be lurking around every corner waiting to jump out at you with flashy titles and doctored images.

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I need you to think about the last article you posted on Facebook lets do the rundown on how to identify fake news.

Step One
Does it have a title that is almost too good to resist like its intentions are only to draw you in? If so this might just be fake news.

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Step Two
Does it have photos that look a little fishy or that are just now coming to light? Again it’s probably fake news.

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Step Three
Do the contents of the article have any supporting evidence besides their own words? If not, you may have fallen victim to fake news.

It’s a mistake anyone can make at any time. All it takes is the click of a button and bam, you just created ten more victims. They then click a button and then bang, one-hundred more victims. Pretty soon your whole town or your entire state might become victims. It’s time to put an end to fake news and fight the good fight. Always remember, only you can prevent fake news articles




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