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Book Review: Evermore


By Tierra Welch

Ever’s whole life came tumbling down the night her family died. Before she was popular, with friends, a boyfriend, and admirers, but now she has a gift. Now she can read the minds of her classmates, know the answers to every test, have a peek into everyone’s life, all because she didn’t die when it was her time.

At her new school in California, she discovers that no one cares what happened in the past. Being the victim of bullies, she sticks to herself and her two best friends, but even they can’t help her fight off the thoughts inside everyone’s head or the flashes of their lives. She can’t get a break from it all.

When a new kid moves in, she immediately finds something different about him. She can’t read his mind and can’t see his life. He makes her feel normal, but he has more secrets than he’s letting on. He’s to0 perfect to be real. And as they get closer and closer, her life is in danger with the closer they get. Suddenly everything makes sense. The accident, her “gift”, her attraction to him. But will she accept it?

Damen is an immortal. He’s lived for hundreds of years always searching for his one true love. The one that comes, loves, and dies; then is reborn. He doesn’t know how she keeps dying, but he’s determined not to let it happen again. He moves to California to find her. When he finds Ever, he can’t handle it all. His love for her still as pure and bright as the first time he’s met her, but her life is in danger by someone in his past. But he won’t let her go again.

Evermore by Alyson Noel is a unique story, but also very predictable. I guessed the whole plot line by the middle of the book. Although it’s predictable, I liked it very much. The love story is very cliche’ but also very wonderful too. I would give this book three and a half stars out of five.

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  1. this is a very interesting article. it reminds me of a book that i have read before but this is different and got my attention but who ever wrote this i seen that when they said to they put to0


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