MCHS Football Players of the Week 


By Jacob Cooper

Last Friday, MCHS played East Newton High School and won the game with a score of 54-0. With that said, here is today’s Player of the Week.

Offensive Player of the Week: 

Isrrael De Santiago enjoying a much-deserved slice of pizza.

The Offensive Team did an outstanding job, getting over 50 points within the first two quarters and not letting East Newton get a single point in the 2nd half. One of the players who stood out the most was none other than Isrrael  De Santiago. Isrrael got 107 rushing yards in 16 carries during the first quarter (181 in total). Out of 8 touchdowns made by the team, 5 of them were scored by Isrrael.

“I feel like I did well. I’d have to say I’d have to give credit to my offensive linemen and my fullback. I can’t do anything without those guys. They helped me be successful. I feel like against Aurora I have to be physical against them on both sides of the ball, but that goes for everyone; whoever is the most physical wins the game.” – Isrrael De Santiago

Defensive Player of the Week: 

Bucky Harrell standing calm and collected like usual.

The offense put up a lot of points, but the defense shutout East Newton, keeping it 54-0. One player who caught the crowds the eye was the Gentle Giant, Bucky Harrell. The usual calm and collected Bucky, unleashed his wrath on East Newton, landing 5 tackles and an amazing sack against the Patriot’s quarterback.


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