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Rick And Morty Review: The Rickchurian Mortydate

By Michael Mann

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 10 aired on October 1st, 2017.  The A-plot is about Rick and Morty getting tired of the President bugging them all the time with every issue he encounters. The B-plot is about Beth finding out who she actually is. (Obviously spoilers ahead). Just watch the episode already!

The story begins in the White House where we see a janitor cleaning a room, nothing out of the ordinary, but then he is all of the sudden attacked by something, it is in the perspective of the thing like the predator, so we don’t see what it is. The president finds out and requests Rick and Morty immediately.  We find Rick and Morty in the living room, and Morty is playing the popular game Minecraft on his PC, while Rick is criticising him for it until a government helicopter shows up to escort  Rick and Morty to the White House, even though Rick can just teleport there in an instant to stop the alien threat.

Rick and Morty after teleporting to the White House.

Rick and Morty then arrive and meet with the president. He explains there is an alien threat that needs to be taken care of. Rick and Morty then go where the janitor I mentioned before was killed to find an alien that could be mistaken for a pet.

The alien “threat” Rick and Morty were hunting.

After scaring the do… err…. I mean alien away, Rick and Morty talk about how boring everything the president makes them do is. They then decide to sneak back to the house where Morty continues to play Minecraft and Rick joins in.

Rick and Morty playing a VR version of Minecraft.

It’s then revealed that the President knows about them leaving and decides to call Rick to see if he’ll confess to leaving the White House, which Rick just plays like he and Morty are still trying to catch the alien. The President then says he knows where Rick and Morty are because he can see them with an illegal satellite. The president says he can arrest Rick for crimes against America. Rick, being Rick, says he thought the reason why he and Morty haven’t been arrested because he thought the government knew that they could never be caught. It keeps escalating between them and ends in a fight, which Rick wins, obviously.rick-and-morty-12.jpg

The B-plot was about Beth and Jerry’s relationship. It starts with Beth and Summer at the clothing store and Summer tries on a skimpy outfit and says she knows she can’t get it, but she is just trying it on. Beth surprisingly allows her to get it, and Summer says she is acting like a completely different person. Beth hearing this thinks she might be a clone because in the last episode near the end Rick says he can make a clone for Beth to care for the family while she wanders the cosmos.


download (3)
Rick explaining to Beth he could make her a clone in the episode “The ABCs Of Beth”

Beth calls Rick and asks him about it, and he says she isn’t a clone. Beth then is relieved until her dad continues by saying if Beth were a clone he’d say she wasn’t, and if the clone became self-aware, he would have to kill it. She then begins to freak out.


maxresdefault (2)
Rick telling Beth she isn’t a clone.

It then shows her going to Jerry’s apartment where she asks him if she was the real Beth because Jerry knows everything about her. He says she looks like the real thing, but Beth says no kidding she could be an exact clone of the original Beth. Jerry then tells the story about their first date at a concert where he explains quickly the events leading up to him kissing Beth, which he then kisses Beth in real time. Beth then says she remembers hating that night, which was hilarious, but loves it now. She is convinced she is a clone. Then the whole family excluding Rick goes to a cabin in the middle of nowhere where they hide from Rick because Beth thinks he’ll kill her because she thinks she’s the clone.

maxresdefault (5)
Morty talking to Rick about how Rick said Beth might be a clone.

Rick shows up and it turns out she isn’t a clone and came to kill Jerry. It doesn’t work out. They all go back home after Rick takes the identity of fly fishing Rick, so he isn’t hunted by the U.S. government.

maxresdefault (4)
Rick dressed up as a fisherman

It all ended in a happy ending depending on how much you like Jerry and Beth being together. I hate Jerry so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would’ve if Rick completed his plan.

It was an OK episode, but for the season finale, it was a complete letdown. It still left a lot of things unanswered like Phoenix Person and Tammy, remember them? I heard people arguing about President Morty not being included, but I mean I would rather have the next season have a few episodes dedicated to him and his plans, rather than just having one episode try to show his plans and his backstory that stuff in the short 23-minute episode.

maxresdefault (3).jpg
Tammy and Phoenix Person

The rating I would give this episode (as it is an average episode) is 3/5 stars, but for being one of the most anticipated episodes in Rick and Morty season 3, I give it 1/5 stars. It didn’t end in a cliffhanger, just in disappointment.



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