Student Spotlight: Alex Guadarrama

By Jacob Cooper

McDonald County High School is full of amazing, talented, and soon-to-be-successful students. Along with history, accomplishments, and an amazing student body that many consider as family, there are students who shine and fly above others.

Alex Guadarrama Taking Pictures of the MCHS Football Field

Meet Alex Guadarrama, Alex was born March 15th,  or the Ides of March as your English teacher likes to point out. He basically loves every single food known to man, except onions. He is a 5-year track athlete, journalist, photographer, and has an impressive 17:17, 5k personal record. When he isn’t running or taking photos, he loves to hang with his friends.

“When I’m not running, I’m usually with my friends; exploring. We all pack up, and go somewhere in Bentonville or Northwest Arkansas, because why not?” – Alex Guadarrama


Alex’s smile says it all.


His favorite types of movies are horror, and anything Disney or Pixar.

“I LOVE horror movies, even though I’m not as brave as I think I am when it comes to watching them. And Disney, man I’m just a sucker for those; they always hit me right in the feels.” – Alex

Alex is a cross-country fanatic. When isn’t doing any of his other hobbies, he is running. He even once admitted to running a “12-mile run with a 7-minute pace.” And if you don’t understand that terminology, he ran each mile in 7 minutes or under. Alex even plans to make it to State.


He never misses an opportunity to help his team.


“That’s the ultimate goal. If I can get to state, that’d be awesome just to help the program grow, and just because I feel that a lot of people are expecting big things from me and I wouldn’t want to let them down.” – Alex

After high school, Alex plans on going to college but isn’t tied to one of them just yet. He also plans to run in college. He has seen the freshman fifteen and is already trying to avoid it.







  1. I like how the county current doesn’t just focus on certain groups or certain events, but also points out students that need some recognition. It also supports everyone for being who they are.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think it was a good article it explains what a good person Alex is and what every student can be. Alex is involved with a lot of things which would be good for any other students who aren’t involved with school affairs.


  3. Thanks for showing the community the passion that Alex has for running! Great pics and article. I too hope to see him run in college.


  4. Alex is a great runner. He loves running. He’s fast. Alex is smart and intelligent. I wish him the best and hope he accomplishes his dreams.


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