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Costumes To Wear With Your Boo

By Mallory Carpenter

Deer hunter.jpg

Hunter And Deer

This costume is pretty common if you live in or even near the country. Here in McDonald County, there’s always a few of these around. It’s a super cute idea, but, you may think it’s a bit over-played.


Mickey & Minnie

If your girlfriend/boyfriend, or maybe even yourself, is really into Disney movies, he/she might love this idea. As time passes, less and less of the classic Mickey & Minnie mouse costumes are around. So, this may be something you may enjoy, that doesn’t take very long to plan.

Ash Pika

Ash & Pikachu

Video-game geeks or old TV show enthusiasts LOVE this typical Pokemon costume, especially if you grew up around when the 90s and 2000s shows came out. Also, the cute colors make you stand out and pop.


Lilo & Stitch

Another Disney movie idea for you and your beloved, a classic and simple look that’s easy to create. All you need are some Hawaiian accessories and a blue shirt with a Stitch hat, and you’re set. Not only is it cute, but it’s also fun to wear and show off.



Shark-Boy & Lava-Girl

And last but not least, Shark-Boy and Lava-Girl. If you grew up around the early 2000s, you may remember who these characters are. These super-cute outfits will make you look great together.

There are many more creative and fun ideas you can try. These are just a few of my favorites that I would personally enjoy seeing on Halloween night.




  1. I think these ideas are very cute. My favorite would have to be the shark boy and lava girl that was one of my favorite childhood movies.


  2. I loved the costumes ideas in this article! It would be very fun to dress as Pikachu and ash or lava girl and shark boy. The best part of Halloween is dressing up and no one can judge you for it.


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