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Finding Reading Apps


By Kayla Mustain

Have you ever tried to read a hard-covered book in the back of a moving car at night? It is not very easy. Trust me, all you get are little snippets when the street lights actually cast light on the book. Although nothing can replace the feel of the pages or the overall smell of a book, having reading apps on your electronic device is a lot more convenient.

For example, I have read books off an app called Wattpad since I was in middle school and even now as a senior in high school. Wattpad has several books, but it’s different than your public library because it’s everyday people writing stories as they go. If you are into any fandoms, Wattpad is for you.

If you like to read webcomics, you should check out Webtoons. It is also a series that people update as they go.

But if you would like a book that is already finished and done by a professional, you should check out the school’s eBook library. To set up the app OverDrive, it will be necessary to see Mrs. Williams in the library.  The Student Number will be a capital ‘S’ and then your lunch number. Mrs. Williams will hand out the PIN that you’ll need.

You could also check out the Kindle app, the Nook app, and/or Google Play books.


  1. I read wattpad also. I use that app almost everyday. If I’m bored and I’m to lazy to get up and get a book then I’ll read wattpad. But it also can be a distraction from other books I really want to read. But over all it’s a really useful app.


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