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MCHS Band Brings Home Trophy 

By Bryan Rock

Last weekend, your MCHS band traveled to Reed Springs to take part in a marching competition. This was only the bands second marching competition; their first competition was at Parkview High School in Springfield. At that competition, we placed 5th, and we weren’t able to compete in the finals. The judges did record some comments for us, which we listened to and made ourselves better.

The judges told us to fix our intervals, horn angles and to make sure our shoulders are always turned toward the audience. Another huge thing they judged us about were our dynamics (when to get loud and when to get soft). We have parts in our music where we march out of time, which is known as freeform marching. Some people were marching in time, and some people were doing freeform. The judges said that everybody has to be willing to do it.

This past weekend, we placed 3rd in our division, which was enough to move us to finals. As a senior in band, it was the best feeling knowing that we had placed 5th previously and then turned things around to then place 3rd and move onto finals. Going to finals meant we got another chance to meet other bands. The band we met was from Mtn. View. Since their bus was parked right next to ours, we were able to place a little two-hand touch football, which was a great way to make new friends.

The best part of the Reed Springs competition was when all of the bands that made it to finals went onto the football field sang “Living on a Prayer”. We all were singing, and they turned it down to see if we could all sing in time. Marching band kids……on a field……singing. OF COURSE, WE WOULD BE IN TIME.

The MCHS band boosters paid for both of our meals. The band boosters are a HUGE help for the band. They are the ones who help us with anything we need really. If we need a trailer to load all of our heavy instruments, they are there with a trailer. They feed us after every practice before a big home football game. They get us water when we need it; they have been a HUGE part of the band and always will be.


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