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Everybody Needs a Buck

By Jacob Cooper

Going to a new school is always tough. You have to make new friends, get acquainted with new teachers, and learn how to be “cool”. Imagine being a new SRO (School Resource Officer). You have to do the same thing but with the added tension of keeping everyone safe. That is why I wanted to spotlight the very underappreciated SRO of MCHS, Buck Owen.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
A meme made by none other than Buck Owen, featuring Buck Owen.

Buck Owen grew up in McDonald County,  then moved to North Carolina, and then came back. In the very short time that he has been here, Buck has grown very popular at our school (including on social media) and has already positively influenced a lot of kids.

“I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve been a manager and a regular officer. This job, I got to say, is the most rewarding. You get to foster a positive relationship between the youth and law enforcement.” – Officer Owen

He treats every student at MCHS like his own child. He not only has lots of fun with them, but he can also being pretty serious and strict when he needs to be. Outside of the normal school hours, he has also been very supportive of the MCHS sports teams, posting about the games, convincing people to show up, and even throwing a few barbecues.

“I grew up here, and this job mixed the two jobs I’ve always wanted, a teacher and a cop.” – Officer Owen

Buck even made a bet with varsity linebacker David Roark that if the football team won 7 games, he would let David taze him. Luckily for us, Buck is a good sport and counted the Lamar and Aurora games as wins because David eventually tazed Buck at our most recent pep rally.

Officer Buck Owen has impacted a lot of people, including me. He has been very supportive, funny, outgoing, but most importantly, he has been a father figure to the people who need encouragement and an officer to the people who need a safe space.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing
(From left to right) Officers Bill Cagle, Bill Davenport, Mike Hall, Buck Owen, and Seth Daniels pose for a picture after Officer Owen was tazed by David Roark.

He is one of the best men I’ve ever met. He always brings a positive attitude to school, spreading happiness to everyone he meets (He’s even brought donuts to school and given them to kids). He is an awesome man but an even better SRO. The last thing I want to say, from me and everyone else you’ve impacted, is thank you, Buck.



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