Entertainment Horror

The Bloody Countess

Elizabeth Bathory

By Tierra Welch

In the 16th century in the country of Hungary, the Noblewoman Elizabeth Bathory became the most vicious female killer in all of history. She would’ve been the most vicious killer in all of history but was beat by Vladimir Dracul; commonly known as Count Dracula.  

When Elizabeth was eleven or twelve, she was betrothed to Ferenc Nadasdy, but a year or two later, she had a baby with a man of lower class. Learning this, Nadasdy had the man castrated and then torn apart by dogs. The child, a daughter, was then hidden from view of the public, and Elizabeth and Nadasdy were married. They lived in the Nadasdy castle in Hungary. Nadasdy was an ambitious soldier and was away often. Taking this to her advantage, she took various lovers and managed her husband’s estates.

Then word has spread of all she did. She sadistically tortured young girls. At first, it was her servants and local peasants’ daughters but then expanded to girls sent to teach her good manners. She believed the blood of the girls would keep her young and beautiful. The witnesses of these sadistic pleasures reportedly saw her stab her victims; bite their breasts, hands, face, and arms; cut them with scissors; stick needles into their lips; burn them with red-hot irons, coins, and keys. She starved some; some she beat to death. And then according to witnesses, she bathed in her victim’s blood.

Finally Hungarian authorities began an investigation in 1610. December of that year, Elizabeth along with her accomplices, which were four of her favorite servants, were arrested. They were tried and found guilty. Three of the servants were executed, the fourth faced life imprisonment. Elizabeth herself could not be held on trial because of her family standing so authorities locked her away in Csetje Castle in a room with no windows. She died at the age of 54 in 1614.

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