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Book Review: Midnight Star


By Tierra Welch

There once was a time when darkness shrouded the world…and the darkness had a queen.

Adelina is the queen of Kenettra, conquer of the land surrounding her country, but her power continues to grow beyond her control to the point some believe her to be insane. She is a strong, cruel, queen. With her Roses at her side and the Inquisition at her control, she is unstoppable. Conquering country after country she defeats all who go against her.

But the Elites powers will be their downfall. Her sanity is questioned as the hallucinations spin out of control. Her sister, whose across the sea, is now showing marks all over her body, becoming weak and frail. Raffaele feels every ounce of energy from the elites. The tear between their world and the Gods’ must be mended, but in order to do that, they must work together and align with all the gems of the Gods in order to pass into their world, but as they go on this journey their closest companions will die.

Adelina must make the choice between the love she has for Magiano and possibly the only right thing she does as the White Wolf. Between a long life with Magiano or death for her sister. The choice is all hers.

Midnight Star by Marie Lu, author of Legend, shows just how far and amazing character development can go. The main character we all fell in love with shows her dark side even more. I absolutely love these books. Although I’m very bittersweet about the ending, I feel connected to Adelina. She’s so relatable because of her abuse of power. Most books would avoid what Marie Lu did with her main protagonist (making her almost villain material), which just makes it better. I’d give this book a four and a half stars (only because I’m petty about the ending not because the book sucked.)  

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