Assassins Creed Unity Review


By Zane Parsons

Viva la revolution! This installment of Assassins Creed follows along the French Revolution and has a new in-depth equipment system. I enjoyed playing this game, as I have most of the franchise. There are a wide variety of play styles to pick from, silent as a ghost or lethal like a panther. It’s up to how you how you want to play.

The map you get to explore has a large area, and thankfully the map is split up into several regions. The enemy strength-level differs with each of the districts having them ranked by 1-5 white marks (1 being beginner level enemies and 5 being the most elite enemies in the game). You also have these markings, gaining them by purchasing better equipment and unlocking skills.

The game has a captivating story that keeps players interested with a few unexpected turns of events, which usually will cause players to take a new approach or be more cautious with how they go about certain areas. Although I enjoyed the game, my favorite installment of the game series is Assassins Creed Revelations due to the ability to recruit and train assassins in the previous game.


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