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Top 5 Ways to Pass Time

By Michael Mann

The reason why I am making this list is that Rick and Morty’s third season’s finale recently aired and “oowee” are people excited for the next season. Because Rick and Morty is such a great show, it takes a while to create episodes. Some people are predicting the next season to start 2019 Christmas! So I decided to make a list of the best ways to pass time while waiting for a year and a half to pass by.

5. By not thinking about time.


Wall Clock

Just don’t think about how long it’ll be when you watch the new season. You know whenever you are in school and you’re excited for the end of the day because you have plans.  Each time you check the time feels like an hour has passed even though it has only been a minute. Don’t worry you probably don’t have schizophrenia, it could just be because you’re paying too much attention to time. In a 1992 experiment, it showed that when focusing deeply on something the time seems to drag on longer. Even though it was 1992 when they tested it, I still think there’s still something there for it.

4. Catch up on other popular shows.

photo (2)
Popular HBO TV Series

You know that one popular show your friend has been bugging you about non-stop constantly? No, not Rick and Morty, the other one. Yeah, why not just put an end to their constant blabbering on about the show by giving it a watch.

3. Spread the good word of the show.

Rick and Morty Book

Go door to door and just talk about the good words of Rick, and hey, you could even annoy the heck out of your friends who don’t watch the show until they finally conform to it. Anything, just make sure you don’t stop until everybody watches the show!

2. Play video games.

Various video game controllers.

No comedic catch, a great way to pass time. Just find a game that you really enjoy playing, a game that you can get submerged into and forget all about the outside world., and if you still have the Rick and Morty bug, there is a really good GTA 5 mod for Rick and Morty on the PC. I strongly suggest checking it out. I’ll leave a download link to it at the end of the article.

Rick and Morty Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod

1. Go outdoors and have fun

Yeah, why don’t you just go open your front door and jump in that pile of…
Ha ha ha! Couldn’t even finish that sentence. But seriously, the number one way to pass time is…

1. Binge watch Rick and Morty repeatedly until you’ve gotten tired of watching the show or the new season came out.

Translation: I am in great pain, please help.

Why go and catch up on other shows when you can just go and get all the Wubba Lubba Dub-Dubs out of your system now, or maybe gain more, considering you are obsessed with a fictional show. Also by tired of watching it, I mean you get your fill of the show until the next season comes out. Like when the MythBusters mega marathon comes on and you watch all of the episodes and not want to watch another one for a year, just in time for the next marathon… Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Do you have any ways to pass time? Write about it in the comments below, I am pretty curious to know. Also, comment if you enjoyed the article, and while you’re at it why not comment if you’re having a good day. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, comment, anything. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, I used a quote from the series so it shows that I’m cool, I’m “hip.”







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