Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing – Classified: Introduction

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By Cameron Patton


“Target down.” Lunar spoke softly, watching the body of the police commissioner drop before chambering another round in the rifle.

“Excellent, meet back at the rendezvous, ASAP.” a voice crackled through her earpiece.

Lunar shouldered the rifle, replacing it with a small pistol with a sizable suppressor. There was no doubt that the building would be swarming with police in a matter of seconds. The sounds of heavy boot steps confirmed her suspicions as she peaked into the deserted hallway.

As the steps became more and more audible, Lunar slunk into the shadows of the darkened room. She gripped her second pistol, pulling it out and pointing both at the open doorway.

There were a few moments of radio chatter and boots stomping along the ground before a single, heavily armored man shone a light into the room. He barely even saw Lunar before two bullets found their way through his riot helmet, smashing straight through the glass and entering his face. He fell quickly and Lunar rushed across the hallway and into the opposite room. A hail of gunfire flashed across the hall in her wake.

She smirked, glancing to the broken window that held a fire escape. She climbed out, quickly descending to the alley below. She pocketed her pistols, taking the rifle assigned to her and hiding it behind a nearby dumpster. She pulled up her hoodie and took to the streets.

She kept her head down as cops buzzed all over, radio chatter and shouting of orders that pierced the would-be quiet night.

Lunar kept walking, rounding several corners and blocks before stopping in an alley. A figure stood inside, regarding her with a nod.

“Good work. We’ll have a follow-up mission tomorrow, 6 A.M. sharp, be there.”

Lunar nodded, “Will do.” she murmured, giving a small smirk and salute to the man before walking out of the alley and to her next destination. Home.

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