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Senior To Do List

By Kayla Mustain

There are multiple things that a Senior should do before they graduate. The list ranges from Scholarships, Colleges, and completing the FAFSA.

Several Seniors of MCHS haven’t even started applying to scholarships yet, and I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to find the resources to do so in one spot.

Scholarships From the School Website

The link above is a chart put together on the official McDonald County R-1 School District website. It shows deadlines, a list of the Scholarship Programs, the requirements, the approximate amount you could receive, and the website where you apply.

When applying to Scholarships you should go for as many as you can. Several requirements are broad, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Most need a personal essay, two reference letters, and a copy of your transcript.

Now when you start applying to the colleges of your choice, be sure to check which scholarships actually transfer over. When applying to those colleges, apply to more than one, but once you have decided which one, be sure to tell the other colleges that have accepted you that you are going to a different one.

The FAFSA was opened on October 1st be sure to apply as soon as possible to get the best benefits.



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