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Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

sleeping_beauty_syndrome_ii_by_classically_fragile-d51v6t9.jpg (876×584)

By Silver Milleson

Though it may sound pretty and enticing, This extremely rare disorder is anything but. Sleeping Beauty syndrome, or Kleine-Levin syndrome, is an extremely rare disorder that is most commonly experienced by teens.

The symptoms aren’t extreme at first, with the patient only experiencing the inability to focus. But later, the symptoms worsen and the patient will start to sleep uncontrollably for up to 23 hours a day. During these spells, the patient also experiences extreme hunger and may act childlike.

SleepingBeautyPDF.jpg (1005×940)This may have severe consequences on their social and professional lives because the patient sleeps for days at a time and can lose touch with their friends or have a hard time making new ones. They also have a hard time holding down a job because they’re asleep so much and finding a career path to compensate for that can be hard. As a student, the patient can often fall behind in class and have a lot work to make up. Overall, this syndrome would prevent the patient from living a regular life or achieving as much as they could.

I know sleeping all day may sound like a paradise, but these people suffer dearly for this disease and often don’t remember what they’d done during that state. I’m sure that for them, the grass must look much greener on the other side.


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