Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing: Insanity = Power (pt. 3)


(This is chapter 3; click here for chapter 1, )

By Eric Teeters

I got to my cell and naturally, Justin was asleep. His way of looking at the world was that if he doesn’t have to speak he might as well be asleep. I hurried over to his bunk and shook him awake.

“Justin, man you need to wake up. I need your help getting to the third floor.”

Justin sat up in shock “nn…nnn..oooo…w…ay.”

I interrupted him. “You’re going to help me no matter what you say. You don’t have the speed to argue.”

“I…II….I…I do to ha…hav….have” he manages before I butt in again

“Yea, Yea you’re helping me and that is final.”

I yanked Justin out of the cell while he was trying to finish getting his shoes on, and I started pulling him down the corridor to meet up with Ali, Yee, and Cameron.  As soon as we got there, we are already tripping the alarms because unstable are not supposed to be this far down the 1st floor. I got to them and I introduced Justin to the other three, and we huddled together.

“Alright guys, this is the plan. When we get into the main yard outside, there is going to be guards everywhere. Justin this is where you come in. You have the ability to make someone repeat an action correct?” Justin nodded.

“Well, when I start creating a supernova, I can only do it once with my own energy, but if you use your ability on me, then I will be able to repeat the action. When Yee throws you into a space of your own loneliness, don’t freak out because you will go insane if you don’t calm yourself.”

After we went through the gameplan, we ran down the corridor dodging many guards, so we didn’t waste that much energy before we got to the main yard. We came to the main yard exit, and it was being barred by guards. We came to a halting stop.

When they took notice of our little militia, they were ready to fire on spot. They weren’t gonna take us easily, I stepped in front of the group, and I brought up the ice part of me, and then I let go all I could into the guards standing in front of the door, freezing all of them solid. We walked passed the door and as I had thought, the guards were standing outside of the door aiming their weapons, so I closed it first and I turned to Ali and said, ” Turn into something anything will do but you need to walk out first.”

Ali starts morphing into a model, no joke. I was hoping that it would have been something of the fighting nature.  She walked out the door slowly leaving us behind with her hands in the air, and we saw the guards drop their weapons. Two other guards came with cuffs to get her under control.

“Cameron, go control those two guards. We can’t let this plan end too early. I need to focus more power on the fire side, so I can get thrown up into the third floor.”

Cameron knew exactly what I meant, but he did more than just two guards. He shot little strings that almost looked like fishing line out. He first attached them to the two guards; then the strings shot up. I didn’t know what was going on, but then firing from the guards’ weapons came from both bottom and top. Not only did he control the guards that were near Ali, but he got the guards that were on the balcony.

I walked out while the firing was happening, and I kept Yee and Justin behind me. I started focusing all my energy on the fire part of my body.  I realized that I don’t have enough energy to create the supernova I need, so I started thinking about everything that has happened. They took my friend away from me, they took my parents away, and they just naturally ruined my whole freaking life. After thinking of everything that happened to me to get me into this position, I felt the energy fill back up, and I yelled: “everyone behind me now!”

Cameron grabbed Ali and ran back into the building and Justin stood behind me while Yee stood behind Justin. After everyone was behind me, I unleashed what was left of my energy into a supernova of power. The guards started firing from all directions, but the flames were too hot for bullets to pass through.

I yelled, “Justin do it now, and Yee be ready.”

After I say that Justin’s eyes started glowing green and blue light fell from his hand. I felt a surge of energy coming through me and as long as he kept it on me, I wouldn’t be able to stop the supernova. The flames grew bigger and started reaching the walls of the prison and started making them fall around us. That is when Yee decided to grab Justin’s shoulders forcing him in a state of complete loneliness.

When the power surge stopped, one big blast of the supernova hit the walls, knocking them completely down, and when Justin’s powers ceased from my body, I felt the last supernova before passing out.

I woke up in the infirmary in a plexi-glass tank of water, and when they put me in here, I could either boil water or freeze it. They won’t get hurt, and it was understandable for the stunt that I just pulled. The bed next to me had Justin in it, so I assumed that he passed out after me. The door swung open, and a man in a suit walked, which is all I could see of him because it was pretty dark in the infirmary. He took a chair and sat in front of the tank that I was currently in. I didn’t need much introduction to know this man was the Warden of this prison. He turned on the light, and I saw his face and went silent.

“Long time, no see, Eric.  Aren’t you happy to see me?”

I probably should have spoken but I had no idea what to say because the man in front of me was James Teeters, my Dad.

“Sorry I didn’t make an appearance sooner, but I needed to make sure that there was a reason that you were in here. Now I know that there is.” He said as he got up and walked over to the door. Before he left he turned to me and said, “When you get to the third floor, tell your mom I say hi.”

I started feeling anger well up inside of me, but there was nothing I could do because I was stuck in that stupid tank. The guards came to take me, and Justin to the third floor the next morning, and when we walked in, the first thing I noticed was that there were no doors on the cells, which meant that the third-floor unstables were free. They did whatever they wanted with the exception of the locked door that we came in from. I walked in, and I saw Cameron and Yee playing a game of chess, no doubt in a state of utmost focus, and I saw Ali talking to a wall, probably talking to one of the many voices in her head.

Then the guards take the cuffs off of me and walked away, telling me and Justin, “this is your home now so better get used to it.”

Justin stays by my side. He hasn’t been the same since he used his power on me. He doesn’t stutter anymore but he still has his ability.  That is why they kept him inside. I don’t know why they haven’t separated us yet because they know it was him keeping my power fueled, but who am I to argue with the way this place worked. I told Justin to go sit next to Ali and talk to her and make her stop talking to herself because if she gets into an argument with herself it’s gonna get worse.

 While he went and started talking to her, I saw someone that I thought I recognized walk down the hall and took a sharp left turn. I followed her and lost her down the corridor. I started walking down the corridor, and then everyone just froze and I knew instantly who it was because there is only one person that I knew who can bend space and time to her will, and when I start walking a little down the hall,  a girl stepped out and I felt myself smile.

Only a few words are able to surface.

“Been a long time hasn’t it Lindsey,”  I said as she just nodded and ran to me, falling into my embrace with tears running down her face. The time she had frozen continued.



One comment

  1. Whats next? Come on. Leave someone hanging like that. I love this chapter how all his friend helped him.
    So ready to read more.


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