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The Early Success of MCHS eSports

The new McDonald County High School eSports team practicing hard after school.

By Maya Dally and Jacob Cooper

Back in September, senior Jacob Cooper wrote an article suggesting that the school create an eSports team, something he has been pushing for since his sophomore year. After much effort and a lot of persuading, the dream of an eSports team finally came true.

“A few friends, who have since graduated, and I came up with the idea when we saw a high school competition for the game League of Legends. We tried to push it to the school board, and after two years, we finally got it approved.” – Jacob Cooper

The team met up for the first time on November 2nd to decide the officers and team name. After going through the basic rules and requirements, the team ultimately voted Jacob Cooper as president, J.J. Richards as vice-president, Andrew Franks as treasurer, Zach Harper as secretary, and Gabe Walker as reporter. Finally, the team decided on the team name, the McDonald County MegaBytes. The eSports team has already shown early signs of being a huge success with the student body. They already had around 30-40 students show up just for the first meeting.

(Left to right): Gabe Walker, reporter; Andrew Franks, treasurer; Zach Harper, secretary, J.J. Richards, vice-president; Jacob Cooper, president

People shouldn’t assume these teenage pioneers are slackers just because the sport involves playing video games and having fun. Just like any other school-sanctioned club, the team has to put in a lot of work and effort into practices and tournaments.

“We have a practice schedule every Tuesday and Thursdays, but it doesn’t stop just there. We are required to have a certain amount of hours played (around 4 to 6 total) at home during our online practices. It might sound easy, but it gets very tiring and grueling after a bit.” – Jacob Cooper


Bryan Rock, senior, playing League of Legends.

After speaking to just a few of the team’s members about why they joined,  it becomes quickly apparent that this is a club where people can come together in an environment safe from ridicule.

“I joined this club because I have been passionate about video games since I was a kid. I finally have a place to fit in, and people won’t look down on me anymore.” – Triston Lawson, sophomore.

Not only has the eSports team already created friendships in people who come from all different kinds of social groups, but it has brought out a competitive nature in some students that have never competed in anything.

This league is open to anyone who wants to come and play, but if you want to join the varsity league, the deadline is Dec. 11. Make sure to watch the live stream on Twitch and support our school’s very own gaming team.

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