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Creative Corner: Andrea Creason

By Brenda Moncado

Andrea Creason, a senior known for her awesome special-effects makeup, is not only talented with special effects but other artsy projects as well. She’s only done three years of art, but her talent has shown that you don’t just need to take classes to tap into your talent. She has not only worked on special effects for the videos, but she has also been taking on several other projects during the 2017 school year.


Andrea showing off her beautiful dress.


She has been working on a making a dress for FCCLA, and she’s taking it to the Big 8.  She is entering the piece in a contest titled “Recycle and Redesign”. She started working on this the second week of school, taking flowers, leaves and paper and several other things to make her dress. She is going to make accessories for it as well. The project is expected to be completed sometime in December. She will be wearing the dress for the judges. I wish her luck and hope she wins.


This vase will be covered with roses.


She also has been working on making a clay vase full of handmade roses. Each rose takes her a good ten minutes to make. Not to mention, this isn’t a small vase, and the whole thing will be covered in roses. It will take her a while to finish, but when she’s done I’m sure it will be as great as the rest of her art.

To add to this, she was chosen to do two decorations for one of the teachers here at the high school, and she helped her seminar make a door for the Halloween Door decorating contest.

Those are just some of the bigger things she’s taken on this year, and it’s just 2017! Imagine what she’ll do next semester.

I can assure whatever she chooses to major in during college won’t stop her from continuing down the path of creativity. She will for sure add a little bit of her creative genius and a splash of color or a bit of glitter to whatever she does in life!

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