Sports Teacher Spotlight

Our Terrific Trainer

By Alex Guadarrama

If you participate in sports you more than likely know Alex. Even if you don’t do any sports, you’ve probably seen her around the hallways or even the football games. Alex is the sports trainer here at the high school. She has been working at our school since last year. Alex is one of the coolest workers here at our school, and all of the athletes love her.

Alex Lyons is very passionate about her job. She has always been fascinated with sports as she was an athlete herself. She participated in track and field, and let me tell you she was fast. Her fast times landed her a scholarship to run for the University of Tulsa, which is a Division 1 school.

This is Alex!

Q: What’s it like to be a trainer and what was your reason for choosing that career path? 

Alex: Being an athletic trainer is a unique job. You’re a medical professional, but you get to see your “patients” every day. You really form a unique bond with all of your athletes. It’s a lot of long hours and hard work, but you get all of the best seats in the athletic events. I chose to become an athletic trainer because I know I wanted to do something in sports medicine, and my advisor in college suggested I try it out. I haven’t looked back since. 

Q: Do you enjoy working at our school? What is your favorite experience here at McDonald County to date? 

A: I love my job here! All of the kids are awesome and so nice, respectful, and appreciative of what I do. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. My favorite experience has been watching the football team succeed and finally see themselves as competitors with the help of all of the outstanding coaches. I spend more time with football than any other sport due to the injury risk, and it has been awesome watching them this year. 

Q: Are you fascinated with working a different type of injuries? Have you ever been disturbed by an athlete’s injury, if so what was it?

A: I’m always fascinated with injuries. It’s the best part of my job. I, of course, hate when kids get hurt, but if they didn’t I wouldn’t have a job! I’ve never really been disturbed by an injury, but I have seen several that have changed the athlete’s life forever, and that makes me sad for them. 

Alex doing her job, aiding an injured athlete.

Q: You ran track in high school and college, what was that like and what events did you do? Do you have any advice for anyone who plans to compete athletically at the collegiate level? 

A: I ran the 100, 200, 400, and the mile-relay at a really small 2A, school in Oklahoma. I love track, and I was good at it. Some advice I would give is to be prepared and aware that you will probably not be the best on the team in college like you were in high school. But, that’s ok! Keep working hard and be coachable. They’ll see your potential. My best event was the 400m and my personal record (PR) was a 58.8. My PR for the 100m was a 12.8, my 200m PR was a 26.6. In college, I split a 56 in the mile relay. (All of these times are really fast, BTW)

Alex is only one person. On a daily, she has to provide for many athletes, so make sure you show her appreciation for everything she does. Next time you’re in the training room, be courteous and always say thank you. Let her know that she truly a valuable asset here because she deserves it and more.

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