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Holiday Shopping Tips

By Kedisha Jack

Holiday shopping is here and our heads are filled with getting the best deals on all these high gadgets, but don’t be fooled you might end up overpaying on these so-called fantastic bargains. You can miss out on deals by not doing your research. Here are some tips that can help you out on this shopping holiday.


START EARLY – Black Friday has turned into a whole month of deals and savings, and online retailers also regularly update prices throughout the event. You’ll need to keep track of the deals that lead up to Black Friday.

LOYALTY – Many stores have loyalty services that offer great deals to members first and then let them get more rewards when they buy. You’ll be getting great promotions, coupons, and discounts. You can even find out whether the products you want are in stock or eligible to buy online or for pick up at the store option, which saves you on shipping.

STICK WITH YOUR BUDGET – Decide before Black Friday how to spend your money. Try buying with cash this year to see whether you have self-control, and maybe if you are sufficiently disciplined, buy with a credit card that doubles the manufactured warranty, then pay off before any interest occurs.


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BE SOCIAL- Facebook and Twitter have retailers that will give out great deals and of course, it helps you share with your friends too. On your phone, you can also download apps that can price match and give you better deals then you get at the store. But be careful, There are some fake apps that say that they are a well-known retailer, so be on the lookout.

CREATE A LIST: Making a list helps you out, so you won’t spend blindly. Shopping without a list makes you sometimes overspend on things that are not necessarily needed, and there are times when you actually forget what you needed.

CHECK STORE POLICIES: Retailer somewhat tweak their return policy during the holidays. Some might extend and others will restrict and be sure to save your receipts because you’ll never know when you need them.

These are the common tips that you’ll need to know in order to shop through the holidays. If you have any tips, leave them in the comments below.

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