Book Review: Mystic City


By Tierra Welch

In a world where magic is real, does love matter?

Aria Rose is the daughter of one of the city’s most powerful families. With that comes the responsibility of the image of her family, but something happened to her, something serious. It’s rumored she overdosed on Stic, a powerful drug that dictates many of the upper-class families, but she can’t remember. She feels the need to search in the Depths of the city for the answers. Her father desperate to stop her from finding the truth pairs her with Thomas Foster, the sworn enemy of the Rose family. The match is supposed to bring the two rivaling families together to become the most powerful family in the city and to make it easier for their goal of ruling the city as mayor and kicking the opposing side, the Depth’s underdog, Violet Brooks.

Hunter is a Mystic, someone who has powerful gifts all unique to the person. Their gifts power the whole city while they are stuck in the Depths with little food, little clean water, and hatred for the upper class burning in their hearts as they watch their friends, family, and neighbors be drained of their gifts and left as a hollow shell of who they once were. That’s why a rebellion is needed now more than ever. Hunter becomes the leader of the Mystic rebellion and all he cares about is destroying the upper families who kill so many of his kind, until her.

Aria traveled to the Depths for the answers she searched for but little did she know the danger of her identity in the Depths.

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence is the first book in the trilogy of the newly re-imagined Romeo and Juliet. It’s absolutely wonderful and by far one of my favorite books. If you like dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, or X-Men then I definitely recommend this book. I give this book five stars out of five.


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