Creative Writing Short Story

Creative Writing – Arid Winter Pt. 1

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By Cameron Patton

All rights reserved to Digital Extremes, creators of Warframe

Glren and I had been travelling for a few weeks now, the two of us scaling the desolate planet that used to home billions of sentient lifeforms; now all long gone. Glren and I met when I crashed my ship while trying to escape from Tenno forces. Glren was a lone Grineer scavenger, his heavy tan armor blending in with most of the deserted landscape. While my light green shielded suit made me stand out like a sore thumb.

We had decided to set up camp behind a tall, jagged spire, facing away from the winds that blew over the land. Glren was silently stirring a pot of boiling stew, his mangled cloned face stoic as he was lost in thought. I stared at him for a bit longer than I intended, and he noticed.

Rur?” he asked in his native language before quickly correcting himself, “What?”

I instantly looked away, my eyes searching the barren landscape to my left, “Ykip, nothing… just got lost in thought, I suppose.”

The Grineer nodded slowly, looking back down at the boiling pot, “So.. want to finally tell me why you’re here? Not many Corpus around this planet these days.” he murmured, his stirring slowing slightly as he looked at me expectantly.

I shrugged, “The Tenno…That should be enough for an explanation.” I said, venom dripping from my voice.

Glren chuckled softly, his scratchy voice making it sound more like a coughing fit than an act of hysterics.

“Ah, the Betrayers. That is not a name I have heard in quite some time.” He stopped stirring the stew for a moment, chucking a few more Desertskate meat into the pot, “Back when Mars was lush with scavengers such as myself, the Tenno made it their mission to wipe us off this rock. They missed one, though. I have to find the one that did it, this Excalibur, and give him my thanks.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Thank him? For wiping out your people?” I asked incredulously.

Glren nodded. “It was a blessing in disguise. Through the means of survival on this wasted rock, I have found more purpose. I realize now that this war between The Corpus and The Tenno is wasted.” He set the pot of stew off the fire. The Grineer took his helmet, scooping it into the boiling pot as if it were a bowl, “We would not have these problems if only we had each other’s backs. This companionship we have has taught me that we can put aside our differences for the greater good. For survival.”

I listened closely to his every word, each syllable hitting me like an old starship. There was so much wisdom, so much experience in those wary eyes of his. Something such as that was so unusual to see among the cloned armies of the Grineer.

“That.. I never thought of it like that.” I whispered, thinking over every word.

The old Grineer nodded once more, “People rarely do these days.” he chuckled, “It’s funny. They tell you that you’re alone in the world, that the Grineer is your only salvation.” he shook his head, “The Grineer will fall… We will fall as long as the Tenno are still alive.”

I nodded again, unsure of what to say. Everything he said had been true. There was nothing I could have ever added to the conversation.

After a moment of silence, Glren spoke up once more, “Do they tell you any lies like that?”

His speech broke up my thoughts as I looked up at him again. “Who? Corpus?”


I looked down again, thinking. “Well… the most we’re interested in is the credits. Mass producing weapons and robotics, not much to lie about in that field, but…” I sighed. “The Board of Directors are interested in the Tenno and their machines…They couldn’t give a damn about us.”

“So that makes you a natural enemy of the Tenno?” Glren piped up.

I nodded, “Indeed.” I finally gained the courage to grab a bowl of soup. I couldn’t use my helmet like Glren could, so I settled with a roughly carved stone bowl that Glren had fashioned for me.

We ate in silence, simply letting the rough winds of the desolate rock do the talking for us. It was eerily peaceful being out here. Sometimes we’d run into old Grineer ruins, long since looted by the fleeing Grineer.

I finished my first serving, reaching for a second before Glren stopped me with a hushed whisper, “Het! Listen…”

I immediately froze, tuning my ears to the surrounding desert. I couldn’t hear a thing, but before I could question Glren, he reached for his Grakata, aiming the weapon to the dunes ahead. I followed suit, reaching for my Cestra.

Wev gon lon ganni!” Glren shouted before opening fire at an unknown opposer.

“What is it?” I shouted, aiming my Cestra where he was firing. My gun shook as the memory of a cloaked individual slaughtering my comrades entered my mind.

Glren stopped firing, reloading quickly and aiming once more over the horizon.

“What is it!?” I repeated, my voice shaking with fear as I forced out the sentence.

The old Grineer took a step forward, muttering something in his native language, “I could have sworn.. there was someone over the dunes there.” he whispered, his dull eyes scanning the dunes for any movement.

I lowered my weapon, still on high alert as I too scanned the sand, “I don’t see anything. Are you sure?”

Glren only grunted, setting his weapon down once more, “I’m only twenty years old. My vision isn’t getting the best of me yet.”

I studied him for a moment. The Grineer lifespan was next to none, being raised from test tubes and constantly cloned. Hell, being over twenty and Grineer is an achievement in and of itself.

Glren sat back down in the sand. His eyes kept drifting back to the spot where he had unleashed a full magazine of lead, “Be watchful, skuum. I believe someone is toying with us.”

Part II coming soon.

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