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Stranger Things Season 2 – Preview


If you enjoy Sci-fi with thrill, mystery, and dark secrets, this show is for you. The adventure continues in Hawkins, Indiana where supernatural forces have once again affected the town. It’s been a year, and they are still shaken by the events from last year, but this time, there are much larger dangers looming. This season is filled with bigger, darker and scarier moments


The crew is back and Will is still having  “episodes” of the upside down, a dark world where a monster has been freed and is killing anyone and anything that comes its way. Last season, it left us off after eleven sacrificed herself for her friends. This season Officer Hopper has found her, but keeps her hidden. Will’s episodes get worse and worse, and the rest of the boys have made a new friend Madmax. Max moved from California and with her family and mean stepbrother, who always bullies and threatens her.  Nancy’s guilt about Barbra’s death takes over her, and she wants to tell her parents what had happened, but her boyfriend Steve does not want her to reveal it because it will cause more trouble. Along the way, Nancy learns more and more about the circumstances of Barbra’s death.

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