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Warframe – Plains of Eidolon Review

By Cameron Patton


Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter. This will be a summary and review of the recent massive update, The Plains of Eidolon.

Plains of Eidolon is the first expansion to Warframe. It features a large open world set in the Midwest of a destroyed and overgrown Earth. The Plains of Eidolon features a lot of activities and unique areas within the open-world zone to explore. Digital Extremes plans on releasing more content for the plains, expanding and creating more unique objectives and activities.


The first location while touching down onto the plains will be Cetus, a thriving settlement that was built at the base of an ancient Orokin tower. The tower keeps a barrier between Cetus and any invaders in the plains that seek to destroy Cetus’ inhabitants, the Ostrons.

The Ostrons are a hardy folk, survivors of the Grineer scourge among the overgrown Earth. They welcome anyone that is willing to aid them in their fight against the Grineer that infest a large portion of the plains, offering bounties in return for special rewards.

-=The Marketplace=-

The marketplace is a common attraction in Cetus. Many Ostron provide wares not found anywhere else. Some rewards and materials collected while in the plains can even be sold for reputation (standing) points, or disassembled to give base components that can be re-purposed for other crafting items. There is also a blacksmith that can forge a new weapon with components and parts found in the plains.


While in the plains, there are many things that can be done. Every so often, there will be an alert available that will contain a single mission. These alerts usually only have one set objective and only provide experience as well as Ostron standing. However, there are other activities that don’t include the sabotage and assassination of the Grineer savages that roam the plains.

Fishing and mining are also a popular activity within the plains and can provide quite the hefty sum of standing if traded in the Cetus marketplace.


As previously mentioned, the Ostron are willing to offer bounties to anyone willing to take on the Grineer forces that reside within the plains. Bounties can include anything from defending hacked drones, assassinating special targets, to clearing entire Grineer outposts. Bounties reset daily and scale in difficulty; the higher difficulty providing better rewards.


Fishing is a popular activity in Cetus, not just for the Ostron, but for many of the Tenno travelers that visit the plains. However, instead of using a simple pole and string, the Ostron have a different way of catching their splendor. Using spears, Ostron and Tenno alike can master the sea. Spear fishing is the quickest (and only) way to catch fish in the plains.

To fish, buy a spear from the fisherman stand in the Cetus marketplace. The first spear can be bought for 500 Ostron standing. Next, simply equip the spear in the ‘gear’ menu in the armory. Then, approach any body of water in the plains and equip the spear. Little sounds of bubbles and swimming can be heard, indicating fish are nearby. Finally, once a fish is spotted, aim and throw the spear.


Mining is another popular activity in Cetus. Many of the minerals collected can be refined into more pristine forms, often being used in various weapon parts and some decorations that can be placed in your ship.

To mine, buy a laser cutter from the mining stand in the Cetus marketplace. The first laser cutter will cost 500 Ostron standing. Next, equip the laser cutter in your ‘gear’ menu in the armory of your ship. Then, equip the laser cutter and follow the beeps to an ore vein. Finally, trace the line around the ore as best as you can to mine the ore. From there, you can return to Cetus and refine it or trade it for standing.


In closing, the Plains of Eidolon expansion contains countless hours of entertainment in the variety of unique activities and landscapes to explore. There’s so much to do and see that it’s truly amazing how much was put into this free game. You can play in the Plains of Eidolon for free by downloading Warframe either from their official website, or from the Steam marketplace.

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