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Warframe – Top 5 Most Useful Warframes

By  Cameron Patton

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Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter developed by Digital Extremes. This is a small guide detailing important Warframes that prove useful in the late-game to benefit you and your team. Adequate Warframes vary with every situation; however, these are my favorite for any situation towards the end-game levels.

1. Trinity


Trinity is an essential part of any successful team. Trinity’s ability to heal and negate damage to her teammates make her a go-to choice for any situation where your team is against hordes of hard-hitting opponents. Her abilities include:

Well of Life: Trinity marks any targets within 100 meters. Allies gain health when attacking marked enemies within the time the ability is active.

Energy Vampire: Trinity marks any targets within 100 meters. Allies gain energy when attacking marked enemies within the time the ability is active.

Link: Trinity links nearby enemies. Any damage that Trinity takes is converted to nearby enemies.

Blessing: Trinity blesses her team, instantly recovering all health and shields of all nearby allies while providing damage reduction for a short time.

2. Nyx


Nyx is a psychic warframe, changing the tide of battle using mind control powers to turn enemies against one another. Nyx is arguably one of the greatest crowd control warframes in the game by providing mass hysteria within the battlefield. Her abilities include:

Mind Control: Nyx invades the mind of any selected enemy, turning them into an ally for a short time.

Psychic Bolts: Nyx launches homing bolts that deal damage and have a chance to mind control enemies for a short time.

Chaos: Nyx creates a powerful blast that mind controls enemies within 25 meters.

Absorb: Nyx creates an orb around her that absorbs all oncoming damage. She then expels the absorbed damage in a channeled blast.

3. Frost


Frost is both a defensive and offensive warframe, utilizing ice to either freeze enemies or protect his team. Frost is a perfect warframe for defending vital objectives with a protective bubble of ice. His abilities include:

Freeze: Frost shoots an icy projectile that deals damage upon impact, as well as dealing area of effect damage.

Ice Wave: Frost sends a wave of ice that massive damage on impact and area of effect damage.

Snow Globe: As the name suggests; Frost freezes the air around him, creating an icy bubble that stops all oncoming damage.

Avalanche: Frost freezes all enemies around him before dealing massive damage and shattering any frozen enemies within his radius.

4. Mesa


Mesa wields power in the form of twin revolvers strapped to her forearms. In the heat of battle, she draws these weapons and unleashes hell upon her foes in the form of ballistic ordinance. Her abilities include:

Ballistic Battery: Mesa converts a percentage of her damage dealt with her primary and secondary weapons. When the ability is toggled off, all stored damage will be converted into her next attack.

Shooting Gallery: Mesa boosts an ally’s damage while jamming nearby enemies’ weapons. This ability switches between allies.

Shatter Shield: Mesa envelops herself in a shield of pure energy, reflecting all oncoming damage back to her attackers.

Peacemaker: Mesa stands her ground, holstering her current weapons in favor of her Regulator pistols. Mesa’s Regulators deal massive damage by firing high-impact rounds at all enemies within her sights, mowing down groups in less than a second.

5. Ember


Ember is a destructive force of fire. She utilizes her powers in pure offense as she fries enemies with ease. Ember is a prime damage-dealer that can quickly dispatch groups of enemies. Her abilities include:

Fireball: As the name implies, Ember launches a fiery ball of death at her enemies, igniting anyone unfortunate enough to be in range.

Accelerant: Ember casts a wave of accelerant, stunning nearby enemies and increasing the effectiveness of her fire abilites.

Fire Blast: Ember slams the ground, generating a heat wave that deals high flame damage within a wide radius.

World on Fire: Ember slams the ground, creating an area of fire damage that lasts for as long as you have enough energy to maintain the ability.

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