Why The Room is the Best Movie of All Time.

By Alex Guadarrama

When we think about great movies, we tend to think about movies that are made by Disney, Pixar, or even M. Night Shyamalan. But the film The Room is something else. I will go ahead and say right now that it has its flaws, more than the modern movie. Now, this is still a great film in its own way, you’d have to watch it too understand. Personally, I liked the movie, but to the public that wasn’t the case.

Wiseau (left) Franco (right)

Tommy Wiseau is a man of mystery. He’s the one that took it upon himself to direct, write and star in the film. Tommy at one point in his life had six million dollars; where he got the money is a complete mystery. With a six million dollar budget, you’d expect it to succeed, but that wasn’t the case, unfortunately. The movie made a total of 1,800 dollars at the box office. Needless to say, it failed.

How the public reacted to The Disaster Artist


The plot of the film was great, don’t get me wrong, it was the acting that butchered it. When it was all said and done, you’d expect the movie to completely fall off the face of the earth. Wrong, that wasn’t the case. Fast forward fourteen and a half years later and we have a second adaptation. Hollywood hits James Franco, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogan star in The Disaster Artist a film that is a documentary based on the “The Room.” Needless to say, the film skyrocketed and became an instant hit.

Second chances are very much real, but we don’t always get the luxury to make a big comeback as Wiseau did. The success that The Disaster Artist achieved caused many to go back and realize that The Room was so bad that it was so good. It balanced perfectly. The film was so great that actor, James Franco, won the best leading actor in a musical or comedy at the 2018 Golden Globes. Tommy was invited to the Golden Globes and was asked to come on stage by James Franco himself when he won his award.


Never give up on your dreams!

Tommy will finally make his dream come true. The Room will be re-released on January 10th for a one night only showing at selective theaters. If you’re interested in watching it, the closest theater showing The Room will be at The Razorback Cinema in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Let’s just hope this time around he makes more than 1,800!



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