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Book Review: Six of Crows

By Eric Teeters


The book Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a fantasy young-adult fiction book about finding the truth about who you can trust and who you trust the most. It introduces magic into a world full of poverty and gangs. The point of the story is that there is a group of teenagers who have to get a scientist out of a heavily guarded prison that was nearly impossible to break into. In this story, the characters are faced with a series of trials and obstacles, and each one delays them from their goal. The fear of getting caught by guards and the fear of getting caught with feelings is only two problems that these teens will have to face while breaking into the most secure prison in their world.

I read this book in the span of a week, and I didn’t regret it because as the story progresses you are drawn more and more into it. The world that this author came up with is one that this world can relate to. With its gangs, poverty, and rich taking from the poor, our world is relatable to the one in the book. The reason I say this is because so many kids who grow up in that low-class situation will do anything for money, and that is what leads to many teens joining gangs.  This book makes you think that any kid can end up in the same situation, which is what makes this book so interesting.

I found that the story itself was thrilling because of the constant change of characters perspective at each chapter. I find this a good way to write a story because when you have a book with many main characters it is a great way to get a broad perspective on the whole story. This book is kind of a heist book, so each character has their specific job that you can only get from their perspective. If one character runs to set bombs, the book switches to their perspective, so that you get a precise picture of the whole plan.  This kind of writing also gives you something to look forward to because you will get invested in multiple characters, which makes you want to continue reading through all the other characters in order to get back around to the character you are excited to find out what they are doing.

I give this book a high recommendation to those who love a good thrill or simply love to read heist stories. This book will set your imagination on fire and fill your mind with adventure. I will say that if you are not into books that switch from character to character after every chapter maybe this book isn’t for you. The way the author wrote this book was a good choice, and I am excited to read more of their work because I sense a good read in all of their books. So if you want a good read get down to your local library and check out Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

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