Top 5 SpongeBob Episodes

By Michael Mann

I am making this article so that I can talk about my personal favorite SpongeBob episodes. Also to say this, I am a high schooler and I still watch SpongeBob. I don’t care that it’s for kids. It’s something to take my mind off of all the stress in my day-to-day life and current affairs…

Hey look it’s the human version of Patrick. Source: Wikipedia 

5. UGH

Most creative title EVER. Source: Wikia

Ahh, UGH, one of my personal favorite episode of SpongeBob. It’s about the prehistoric versions of SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick discovering FIRE. I can’t explain how much I love this episode. I really enjoy cartoons that delve into time travel and prehistoric times. The only true criticism I actually have is all the Patchy the Pirate stuff just acting as a filler in the episode, so it doesn’t have an awkward time slot.

4. Sandy’s Rocket

Source: SpongeBob Music Blog

In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into Sandy’s rocket ship that she, for some reason, keeps outside completely unprotected and only requires a pushed button to open it. While SpongeBob and Patrick are playing around in the ship, they end up launching it and go to outer space. They unwittingly land on earth thinking it’s an alien planet where they capture everyone thinking they are evil aliens. As always, I suggest checking this out if you want mind numbing entertainment.

3. Band Geeks

Source: Wikia

Band Geeks is an awesome SpongeBob episode. Not only does it have good jokes, it actually has one of the greatest classic rocks songs, Sweet Victory. It’s about Squidward talking to his old rival from band school, Squillium Fancyson. When Squidward decides to lie and says that he has a band,  one thing leads to another and Squidward then recruits the people of Bikini Bottom to perform in the Bubble Bowl, which is the Super Bowl of their world in case you couldn’t tell. It’s a good episode but they rarely air it. I suggest just finding a site online if you feel like watching it.

2. Sailor Mouth

Title card for the episode. Source: Wikia

Sailor Mouth, possibly the most infamous episode in the entire series. If you haven’t heard of this episode, it’s about Spongebob and Patrick learning a bad word (which is just a random SFX), and they start using it excessively. This is an episode that every time I watch it I can’t stop laughing. Not just because it’s funny, but I still can’t believe they were actually allowed to put this in a kids cartoon. Sure they never cuss, but it so obvious what words they are saying and it’s just so good.

(Actual transcript) SpongeBob: [taps on the microphone and speaks into it] Attention, customers, today’s special is a [dolphin chirp] Krabby Patty served in a greasy [dolphin chirp] sauce and grilled to [dolphin chirp] perfection.  And don’t forget to ask us to [dolphin chirp] the [dolphin chirp] fries. It will be our [dolphin chirp] pleasure. Hi Squidward, how the [dolphin chirp] are ya?

Dishonorable Mention: The Splinter

Luckily for you, I don’t want to see the whole thing either. Source: Giphy

Note, I decided to add this just to show the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of the best episodes. This episode depicts everything wrong with the modern episodes of SpongeBob. It’s about SpongeBob getting a splinter during work (which happens with a very gross scene for a kids show) and him trying to take it out but makes it a lot worse. This by far is the worst episode of SpongeBob I have ever seen.

Honorable Mention:  It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!

Ignore the “click anywhere to play”, it was just the best photo I could find relating to this movie. Source: Wikipedia

If you read any of my Christmas articles, you would have probably seen this coming. It’s just such a good episode and frankly one of the best ever. But it’s also just something I only watch during Christmastime, so I decided to not put this number 1 on the list.

1. Help Wanted

Source: Wikia

Help wanted one of the first episodes of the series. It’s about SpongeBob getting his job at the Krusty Krab by getting a new spatula while Mr. Krabs and Squidward hold off the court without him.

images (2).jpeg
MEEP Source: Tumblr

Which they absolutely fail and SpongeBob swoops in and saves them. I can’t think of any criticism for this episode, the plot seems to be completely original and the animation is pretty good. If you ever feel like watching SpongeBob but hate how it has changed, watch this episode (unless it’s Christmas then watch It’s a SpongeBob Christmas).

Hope you enjoyed my list. What’s your favorite SpongeBob episode? Comment down below. Until next time, bye.


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