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Things That Happened 10 Years Ago

By Mallory Carpenter

6. The iPhone 3G


10 years ago, the old and small iPhone 3G was released. It’s hard to believe because, in November 2017, the new iPhone X was released to the people. We’ve really come a long way with technology in just 10 years.

5. “Love Story” By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had a very different music style back in 2008, definitely not like the new her. She was only 16, and this song really helped out her career.

4. Barack Obama Became The First Black President.


Our former President, Mr. Obama, voted into office in November of 2008. He was the first black president to take office. He also won both terms and served for 8 years. He finished his career as president in January of 2017.

3. “If I Were A Boy” By Beyonce

Queen B was a young star in 2008, but she’s still an iconic musician to this day. She’s definitely got some talent. Her last album “Lemonade” was released in 2016, but now she has a brand new set of twins and has become a sensation all over again.

2. High School Musical 3 Was Released


10 years ago, High School Musical 3 was released to the cinemas. Some say this was the worst HSM movie yet, and I kind of agree. The second movie was pushing it, but this one completely off the rails.  I’m just glad this was the end of that era.


gta 4 pc

April 2008, the fourth Grand Theft Auto was released. The graphics made every game character look like potatoes and now that GTA 5 has been created, people are laughing about how funny the old Rockstar games used to look. Though classic, they were still a downgrade from what has been made recently.

Things have really changed over the last 10 years. New iPhones, music, games, movies and even a new President. Technology, style, and politics have definitely changed, but some in a great way. 10 years from now people are going to think things in 2018 were strange, but for now, it’s what we have.


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