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The Origin of Slender Man

By Silver Milleson

I’m sure that nearly every American has at least heard of the Slender Man, considering its widespread coverage and the incident from 2014. Not to mention, there’s a movie that’s supposed to be coming out this May.

Despite all the coverage, you might know his real backstory.  If you believe that he is real, this article will only lead to disappointment.

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The way that the Slender Man started out was actually on Something Awful internet forum. Originally, Slender Man was made from a few different pictures that were photoshopped into two images of a group of small children with a tall man in the background. Along with this also came photoshopped images of articles detailing events of missing children and a strange tall creature or man, referred to as Slender Man.


Slender Man was made for a photoshop competition by Eric Knudsen. His entry quickly began to gain fame, and the many new fans of this creature began to make various backstories for the creature being referred to as Slender Man. Eventually, the lore of Slender Man began to come together. His current story is actually a compilation of fan fiction.



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