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Book Review: Zeroboxer


By Eric Teeters

Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee is a science fiction book about zero gravity boxing and a teenager rising talent in it. The story takes place in a distant future where people have both Terra-formed; Mars and the Moon. The story focuses around a boy named Carr Luka who starts the story off at as a 17-year-old zeroboxer who is quickly climbing to the top as the youngest boxer in history. The whole world sees him as a hero and he thinks he is the mentor to all aspiring children, but he learns a secret that will ruin his career if anyone ever found out. He has two choices either tell everyone and ruin his career, or keep it a secret and become the youngest champion in history. Find out, in this amazing, action-packed science fiction about a teen making a life-changing decision that can either help or hinder his career.

My take on this story is that it was a pretty generic sports story with a sci-fi twist on it, and that is what made it interesting for me. The practical story of how a rising star of a sport has life-changing results that may ruin his career has been done and done again. The sci-fi twist to this is what changes the practical sports story into a more complex storyline. I loved this book as I do most books, and I am not really a sports fan. Something about this book drew me in like the way they set up the characters up and how the conflicts that happen in this book are the same conflicts that happen in sports today just on a bigger scale.


This book reminds me of 1998 thriller Future Sport,  and this movie is about a sport that is used to settle gang conflicts in place of violence. It reminds me of this story because it is basically the same storyline, but in the movie, it was for settling conflict while zeroboxing was for entertainment. The reason this reminds me of the book is because it is about stars in their sport who have to make career-altering decisions to protect the ones they love. It also shows in both this movie and Zeroboxer that being a celebrity is not always the best because they don’t know how much hold they have on the public until they mess up. So in conclusion, I highly recommend this book if you like sports and or sci-fi action, and if you want to continue your journey into the sci-fi thriller genre, then I also recommend the movie Future Sport. It is really interesting and has Wesley Snipes, so why wouldn’t you want to watch it?



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