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Book Review: This Raging Light

By Eric Teeters



This Raging Light by Estelle Laure is a book that I highly recommend, and I think everyone should read. It is about a 17-year-old girl who has to raise her 9-year-old sister because their dad went crazy and their mom left them alone. This book offers up a variety of different problems like bills, money, and food; not to mention, she has to worry about all of that and get herself and her sister through school. The book focuses on how hard it is to raise a child by yourself let alone one that isn’t even yours, and how doing that and balancing a job and school can be taxing on a person’s psyche. So if you like stories that are well-rounded, I suggest this one for you.

In my reading of this book, it made me wonder about the world’s current state and how much people fear foster care, otherwise known as the system. They state the problem of their parents kind of skipping out on them and leaving them alone, and I came to understand that most kids that are left in that situation get dragged into the system and never see their family again or for a very long time. This made me wonder why when children are thrown into a foster home they aren’t placed together and why the system doesn’t work harder on finding a family willing to adopt both of them together. That is a problem illustrated in this book because the main character doesn’t want anyone to find out that they are on their own. She doesn’t want her sister to be taken away and never be able to see her again. This book does well to explain how being ditched by your parents would suck, and how when you are left alone your basic instincts kick in. Basically, you do everything in your power to care for the ones you love.

I’m not saying that she took it on well. She suffered in the beginning because she didn’t know what to do without a parent’s guidance. She didn’t know how to pay for the bills that were coming in rapidly, and all her mom left her was 100 dollars. If I know anything about bills, this was not enough to pay for any of those bills, especially in New Jersey. This book takes a dive into the mental health of someone left in that situation and makes you think whether or not you could even do it. It shows us what it would take for someone to survive in that situation, and I think the author did very well in writing it in a very real tone.

This book makes you think about how the world is and how the world probably ought to be. It has romance for those who like a good and confusing love story, and it also has heartwarming parts that almost restore your faith in humanity. So if you like all that and you want to be enticed by a story that is not only fulfilling but also a quick read, you should get down to your local or school library and ask them about This Raging Light by Estelle Laure.

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