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Movie Review: 12 Strong

By Kayla Mustain

The movie 12 Strong is drama/action movie that is rated R. The name of the movie is the first thing that intrigued me. I decided to watch it when I found out it was based on a true story. It seemed realistic and had great actors, so definately my kind of movie. It starred Chris Hemsworth as the captain.

The movie begins with the tragedy of 9/11. From then on the captain, Mitch Nelson, leads the Special Forces Team into Afghanistan. Once he is there, he joined with an Afghan warlord, General Dostum, who is part of the Northern Alliance to take down the Taliban. The movie is complex and patriotic at the same time.

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“The most important thing you take into battle, is the reason why.” -Colonel Mulholland

It dealt with realistic struggles but also had some comic relief. They were greatly outnumbered, and it seemed almost impossible for them to make it out of the last battle they faced against the Taliban.


“Fifty thousand Al Qaeda fighters, and you’re just an army of twelve.” -General Dostum

In the beginning, I didn’t really care for the Afghan warlord mostly because he seemed a little put off about helping the captain even though they are going against a mutual enemy. It was nice to see him go from being a stony warlord that refused to really communicate with the captain about military strategies, to sharing stories and even becoming great friends with the captain at the very end. He was my favorite example of character development.

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What I believe is one of the best attributes Captain Mitch Nelson has is that he was a great leader and soldier. Although Northern Alliance General Dostum refused to really talk to him because of the sole fact he hadn’t killed anyone before, he still managed to get on his good side for being a good leader. By partaking in the tactics of Afghani horse soldiers, the captain added to his advanced military knowledge to form a great army.

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“We’re fighting with horsemen against tanks.” -Captain Mitch Nelson


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