4 Reasons Why We Have Awesome Principals


By Mabely Teodocio & Maya Dally

They Greet Us Every Day

“Every time I see [Mr. Leach], He always greets me with a bright smile. I can tell he truly cares about the happiness of the students.” – Mabely Teodocio

“When I pass [Mr. Leach] in the hall, he always asks how I’m doing. It’s obvious that he actually cares about our school and everyone in it.” – Maya Dally

“Friendly in the halls. Always says ‘Hi’.” – Tinker


They Care About Us Every Day

“[Mr. Leach] is cool. He cares about students and their education. I love Mr. Wilkie as well.” – Ruthie Bates

“[Mr. Leach] asks how I’m doing. He cares about my feelings.” – Mark Bobacher

“Greg Leach is the best principal that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” – Mrs. Grab


They Support Us Every Day

“[Mr. Leach] is my biggest cheerleader.” – Mrs. Williams

“Without [Mr. Leach] and his support, my club (eSports) wouldn’t exist.” – Jacob Cooper

“[Mr. Leach] always supports our teams.” – Katelyn Ferdig

“Great principal. [Mr. Leach] always truly supportive.” – Mrs. Pullen

“[Mr. Leach] keeps the school running smoothly.” – Melissa Gardner

“[Mr. Leach] funds a lot of charities.” – Tyson Valance

“[They] are very understanding.” – Ariel Pilkerton

“[They] are fatherly” – Scott Franks

“[Mr. Leach] is like a school dad. Dad of school.” – Aydan Hutchinson

Most Importantly, They Have Style Every Day

“I love [Mr. Leach’s] shiny head.” – Natalie Staib




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