Coolest Tech in 2017

By Luke Burruss

Coolest Gadgets 2k17

Today we are looking at some of the coolest gadgets out there! I’ve hand-selected three of the most epic pieces of machinery in the world today.

#1 Well at least you wont lose your Keyboard…

This is a laser projected keyboard. Here is how it works. There are micro-sensors that see when each letter is covered by your finger. Well… I’m sure its a bit more complicated than that but, moving on!

I believe I can… Roll…

Hoverboard! or.. uh.. Wheely-Board.

Here we have what people call a Hoverboard. I haven’t a clue why, as they have two wheels and it definitely doesn’t hover. Nonetheless, this is a cool device that requires extreme balance. Lean forward to go forward, lean back to go back, lean with only your left foot to go right, and vice versa.

Cicret Bracelet

Your Arm is a phone!!


This neat little device is called a icretC Bracelet. It connects to your phone and uses similar tech as the holographic keyboard. Easy to hide in class. Just don’t let the lights go out, or you’ll light up like a Christmas tree!

Three more coming next week stay tuned.

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  1. 1. I liked how this article had several links to YouTube videos on the tech.
    2. I liked how there is an article on present groundbreaking tech.


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