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Jumanji (WTTJ): Movie Review

By Jacob Stone

Image result for jumanji welcome to the jungle

Jumanji (WTTJ) is a good movie but it doesn’t have anything on its predecessor Jumanji ?that was made in 1995, but that is a review for another time. We are talking about the Jumanji made in 2017, which was a very long wait even for myself, but it was kind of a let down with all things considered. The best thing about the movie was the cast, my favorite being a teenage girl stuck in Jack Black’s body and a nerdy white kid stuck in The Rock’s body. The premises of the movie is that Jumanji always finds a way, so when a kid says, “Who plays board games?”, the game turns into a game cartridge. Why you would put a mysterious game cartridge in your gaming system I’ll never know, but he gets sucked into the game. The game is found many years later by a group of teens who decide to play it. There is only one unforgivable sin in this movie, and it’s this scene:    Image result for jumanji  helicopter gif

Let me explain, the helicopter turns at a 90-degree angle. Under any circumstances, this could never happen, but it was convenient for the director.  Overall, I’d rate this movie a 6/10. It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the worst. The cast was great and the humor did not feel forced. If you want a funny movie with action and adventure, this movie is for you.

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