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Top 5 South Park Episodes

By Michael Mann

South Park, one of the, if not the most vulgar show airing on television today, and one of my personal favorite shows of all time. Most of us watch it for the comedy, others watch it because the messages in most episodes and little kids watch it because the kids cuss a lot. I am making this article to share some of my personal favorite episodes in the series. Note, since this is a site a child may read I can’t put some of the more inappropriate episodes on this list, sorry you can’t hear my thoughts on episodes like when Paris Hilton comes to South Park.

5. Rehash and Happy Holograms

Yes, right off the bat there is a tie for two-holiday episodes. The reasons why is they are pretty much just one episode split into two different parts. “Rehash” is about Kyle wanting to play a video game with his brother Ike, but instead, Ike decides to watch PewDiePie play the video game, making Kyle want things to go back to how they were when people wanted to play video games and not just watch other people play the games. Seeing Kyle complain about this, Cartman decides to make his own YouTube Channel (Cartmanbraa) with hopes of getting money.

Cartmaanbra! Source: Wikia

And the episode “Happy Holograms” is about a Christmas special airing with Holograms depicting actors instead of the actors showing up themselves, and Cartman’s channel starts to trend.

The late Great Robin Williams in South Park hologram form. Source: Wikia

They are both really good episodes that I don’t even mind watching if it isn’t the season to be jolly. And the reason why it’s high on the list is that it’s a holiday special.

4. Good Times With Weapons

The highest rated episode on IMDb and with good cause. It’s about the boys lying about their ages to get weapons in a state fair, and they act like warriors with superpowers. Interesting enough plot, but what makes it special? Nothing much only THAT IT’S ANIME. Yes, the tradition construction paper looking animation is traded for nice looking anime.

The only thing I could’ve thought to put here was a reference to Vegeta saying “It’s over nine-thousand” but eh. Source: Wiki

Like every episode on this list, I strongly suggest watching this one because the comedy and animation is just top notch, but I do have one thing to say, Butters gets his eye hit with a shuriken and it’s a bloody mess. So, if you have an issue with blood and eyes getting hurt, watch at your own risk.

3. Imagination Land Trilogy

Am I the only one who HATES Butters? Source: Amazon

The absolute goriest episodes in the entire series, and quite frankly, the funniest. It’s about Cartman finding a living leprechaun and making the boys wonder where it comes from. They stumble across a grown man in a magical blimp that takes Stan, Kyle, and Butters to a place called ImaginationLand, where the inhabitants are just things people imagined both good and bad. They are separated by a wall until we find out terrorists followed the boys there, and they destroy the wall causing mass chaos. This episode is one of the edgier South Park episodes created and I wouldn’t suggest this if you can’t stand looking at a lot of blood and violence, but those of you who like seeing animated people getting killed in funny gruesome ways, then go right ahead.

2: Make Love, Not WarCraft

World of Warcraft versions of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Source: IMDb

Just like the anime episode, this also strays from the traditional South Park animation. It’s about the boys playing World of Warcraft and keep getting killed by someone before they can do quests and level up. The boys, in an attempt to kill the guy, grind by killing hogs in the woods for a couple months straight.

I like how Cartman went from a little fat to Jabba the Hutt. Source: 9Gag

This episode is really good, even if you’re like me and know absolutely nothing about the game. The jokes are great and anyone who plays games can understand them.

Honorable Mention: Episode 200 & 201

Famous people (and Al Gore) depicted in South Park. Source: South Park Wikia

Possibly the most infamous episodes in the entire series. It’s about all the actors that starred on South Park tried to sue the city. The only way to avoid bankruptcy is with help from the group of religious leaders called the Super Best Friends. If you don’t recall watching this one, it may be because it aired a very limited amount of times before being banned. It was banned because it portrayed Muslim prophet, Muhammad. It may not seem like a big deal since they portrayed religious leaders from other religions, but the creators actually got death threats from radical Islamic people for portraying Muhammad. I decided to mention this because it has really good jokes and I suggest checking it out if you haven’t seen it already, you will have to pirate it, it’s not available on Hulu and, like I said, no longer airs on television.

The Super Best Friends: Buddha, Krishna, CENSORED, Jesus, Sea Man, Lao Tzu, and Joseph Smith. Source: South Park Wikia

One thing that I always found weird was in the two episodes Muhammad has a generic voice, and he was barely seen at all. It was banned, but there is another episode called Super Best Friends that he had an actual voice that has kind of an accent, and he does more than just “be there”. People didn’t even bat an eye until these episodes were aired, which is just weird to me because the episode was out for nearly a decade before it aired.

Honorable Mention: Informative Murder

Source: South Park Central

Another really good episode that deserves a spot on the list. By the title, you can obviously tell this is the Minecraft episode, right? The episode is about the kids of South Park blocking Investigation Discovery, a channel that has all their shows talking about murder because they are afraid that their parents will imitate what’s seen on T.V. and kill each other.

Source: Cnet

And the only way to get past the block is to answer questions about Minecraft. So, rather than look it up (because what’s the fun in that) the parents learn how to play.

1. The Black Friday Trilogy

Source: South Park Archives

The absolute best South Park episode has to be The Black Friday Trilogy. It’s a parody of Game of Thrones and is about the kids feuding over which console is better, Ps4 or Xbox One. The description might be a little emptier than all my other ones for the episodes, but there is just so much that goes on in these three episodes I wouldn’t know where to start when explaining it. Also, it’s so good I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched this. It’s about an hour and a half total, but it stays interesting the whole time, and there isn’t a dull moment throughout the whole thing.


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