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Valentine Gift of the Year


By Mabely Teodocio

Thinking of what to get your Valentine this year, and also addicted to Fortnite? Think no more!

How about a nice conversation without thinking or talking about Fortnite!


Better yet, how about posting about him/her instead of your victories. We get it, of course you’re going to be good at something that you give 5+ hours of attention to.

Alex Guadarrama, a senior at MCHS, is STILL unable to give me a clear answer when asked whether he would rather go on a date or get a win on Fortnite.

The amount of attention that Fortnite is taking away from the more important things in life like school and social interaction is CrAzY!

download (1)

Imagine not getting a text back for 2+ hours and then when you finally do it says, “sorry, I was playing Fortnite.”


All I’m saying is I wouldn’t mind living in a world without Fortnite!





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