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By Kedisha Jack

As we finish up high school, we are barely up to the title of an “adult”. Most of us might think we know the Adulthood lifestyle, but really we have no idea what we’re doing, and sometimes end up lost and confused. To make living a little bit easy, here are some tips I think are good to know for Adulthood.

Learn how to Cook a Dish or Two.

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Your parents won’t be there every day to cook for you, and going out to eat every night is too much money. Cooking can be an incredible skill to have even when it’s simple dishes.

Laundry and Etc.


Once again, parents are not always there even though it would be nice. Most of us know how to wash and sort, but some of us don’t. Sort your clothes in the proper set, and it’s pretty much common sense from then on. Soap, Wash, Dry, Fold, Hang. Simple. With this, make sure to know how to check your own oil. Doesn’t matter whether if you’re a male or female, you should be able to keep up with your car maintenance.

Be Responsible with Your Time and Money

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Prioritize your time. Make a schedule that splits family, friends, school, and work. Everyone has time, you just have to organize it. Get things done on time and remember priorities first. You’ll be more successful than overwhelmed. We all know how it feels to be broke; most of our high school years we were. Saving money is hard, with so many temptations around us, learn to prioritize. Spend on what you need, and if you have any left, then maybe you’ll have enough to get what you want.

Prepare for a World of Professionalism


First impressions and how you express yourself are more important than you might think. Dressing appropriately is a major key to professionalism. You don’t dress up in sweats for an office job. Not every job requires formal dress, but as long as you look appropriate for the job then you’ll be just fine. Aside from how you dress, your attitude matters too. The way you act will reflect on how you’ll be seen in that environment. Always update your resume and don’t be “that” kid that always talked back when you were younger. Be respectful and others will be respectful to you.

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Becoming an adult doesn’t have to be all that bad. Just being a little organized and outgoing will change us into adults in no time. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, but don’t over stress and be calm. Although we’re growing up, even adults like to embrace their youth. Enjoy growing up.

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